This kernel requires an x86-64 CPU, but only detected an i686 CPU. Unable to boot – please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU

An amazing error that i encountered installing Debian into Virtual box…its simple enough…mount your iso and install through VBox..

First couple of times, it was just the install screen and nothing i can move..obviously no mouse, neither the keyboard…as Sriram said, no “Press Any Key to continue.” then i tried out the help option so it had a “Press any key to boot…” so i pressed enter as we all do…

and i got the error, and i so not have a screen shot for you but it went (but very similar to this) :

“This kernel requires an x86-64 CPU, but only detected an i686 CPU. Unable to boot – please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU”

Asking around, i jumped to the conclusion that VBox doesn’t support 64bit OS. So sat and downloaded the x86 cd iso. And mounted it and went allover again…:) guess what?

“This kernel requires an x86-64 CPU, but only detected an i686 CPU. Unable to boot – please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU”

Googling i found out that there is something called Intel Virtualization Technology, and AMD V, for those respective boards…so its needs to be enabled..i have a Intel board and i kept thinking this was enabled…of-course it wasnt..

Where can you enable it from? Its in the BIOS…press ‘esc’ when you see the Vendor logo and you will reach the pre boot screen from where you can choose the bios..browse around, find Virtualization Technology and Enable it…

Im running Debian 64 bit..and it works very fine indeed..

Note: Fedora had no such problem..and i found issues online only for Debian variants..ubuntu and such..hmm…

SOLUTION: Enable Intel VT-x/AMD-V from BIOS


Hope this helped

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  1. I fear that one day you’re going to raise an army against Debian and Ubuntu. :D

  2. I have this problem with Fedora…. No such a problem with Ubuntu 11.04.

  3. I have this problem with back track 5 when opening on windows virtual pc.
    didn’t find that option in bios which you discussed.

  4. Even I am also facing the same problem with BackTrack5 while installing on my VMWare machine. ..Manu which BIOS u r referring here…and which system do u have. ??

    • Pawan, ive HP dv6 2171ee. And the BIOS is the OEM supplied one version F.1C.
      Am I of any help?

    • a mi me paso el mismo problema con backtrack5 en virtualbox en mi laptop windows7 64bits,pero tengo una pc de escritorio xp 32bits y me baje el backtrack5 r1 32bits y me funciono muy bien y que lo pruevo tambien en mi laptop y para mi sorpresa me funciono muy bien,asi que recommiendo backtrack5 r1 para virtualbox.

  5. Same problem here.I’m trying to boot Backtrack 5 through VBox.Virtualization is automatically on (ASUS system),and still getting this message.Any solutions?

  6. Thanks a lot, this the only place that I found the solution. My bios has virtualization turned off by default and once I turned it on everything worked like a charm!! Kudos!!.

    configuration backtrack 5R1, VMplayer running windows 7 64bit

  7. Thanks boss! You just saved me from having to download the 32 bit image all over again over a crappy internet connection!

  8. Tried everything i read here and other sites !
    Still can’t get it to work !!
    My bios virtualization – Enable
    What else can i do??

    Thank’s in advance :)

    Dell xps, win7 sp1.

  9. Thanks for this Info! You made my Day!!
    CAELinux 64bit now runs in VBox on my Kubuntu 11.10 64bit

    Kind regards from Switzerland

  10. i tried to install it along with the already running windows 7 in my hp dv6 but showd the same error . n also enabled the virtualization in bios but still didn work….so how 2 resolve this problem?….can any1 help me?

    • @bilal and @kannan031191

      If you are trying to install Linux as a dual boot OS, and you are experiencing this problem, i cannot help you. If its in virtual box, there are two reasons for this happening..
      1. Virtualization is not enabled from the BIOS (the one that i had).
      2. When selecting OS name and everything in VirtualBox, the appropriate OS is not selected.

      Solution to the first is obviously to enable it from BIOS. And to the second, while creating a new OS instance in VBox, pick the appropriate OS type(64 or 32 bit, which ever is the .iso file that you have).

      Hope this helps both you and bilal..

      • i want to install in virtualbox and where can i find BIOS and where can i change os type i have windows 7………..

        • Press escape after you turn on your system, if in laptops, after the vender logo appears and you will probably be given a small menu where the function keys are the selectors..
          F2 Select boot device
          F10 BIOS setup

          And so on.. it might be different and depends on the vendor to allocated these keys..good luck finding this..

          Changing OS type is available depending or what your virtualization software is..VirtualBox doesn’t seem to have this..

        • but i want to install it in virtual box

  11. sir where can i solve this problem?

  12. same error wat can i do..!!!!my VT is enabled…then too

  13. Ur soln 2nd …in virtual box this doesnt asks about 64 bit or 32 bit .iso file…

  14. plz help m getting this error on fedora 15 on vmware 6.

  15. HI Manu…I must first heartly tahnk you for letting me solve the problem of istallation on virtual device but I want my system to really install this OS and show dual boot options but the problem is that when I boot my sys with a bootable USB then after typing startx the whole screen goes blank I have tried the same working perfectly on other sys but in my series of lappy i.e, HP DV6 3123tx with latest configuration this problem is shown please help me out.I will be obiliged…

  16. I turned on virtualization in my BIOS and still getting the same error. My system is a HP Probook 4530s running HOST OS Windows 7 Pro x64.

    • Please can you tell me how to turn on virtualization in my BIOS ? I’m using a HP Probook 4530s and don’t know how to do it !

  17. hey i also got dat problm… but where are bios ……..bios location ?????

  18. I’m trying to install BackTrack 5 R2. I am getting the same error, but the hardware virtualization is already enabled. I have assigned two processors to it. I am trying to install the 64 bit version, and I have a dual-core AMD Athlon 64x processor on a 32x operating system. I have installed Xubuntu 64x before, and it worked with no errors.

  19. Solution: If you are still getting this error after everything, select your OS as Ubuntu 64x. That will solve your problem.

  20. i’ve got a windows 7 home premium and just found out that my pc does not have the bios feature for virtualization. i have been reading quite a bit and been trying to get my head wrapped up with linux and stuff and i don’t quite know the right way to go.also i’ve read u can do adual boot but isn’t that a bit dangerous without a place to st0rage ur data…and i’m not very tempted to do that would rather do it in a virtual box once a have downloaded oracle.can anyone help me

    • Hi Ricco,
      I am not an expert on this matter but you can be sure Linux is nothing to be scared of. Using VirtualBox to get familiar with Linux is a great way to go. But, if you would like to set up a dual boot, its quite easy.

      There is a software called Wubi that comes along with Ubuntu. It will be there in the iso you download. Just burn this to a disc and put it into your drive while in Windows 7. Wubi lets you have dual boot without having to back up your data or anything. Its quite similar to installing a game and you can choose the amount of space you want Ubuntu to have.

      The next time you bot your system, you will have 2 OSs to boot from. There are a couple of things you wont be able to do in this set up in comparison to using a dual boot that allocates disk space to the distro.

      If you want to remove this, go to control panel> Add or remove programs> and uninstall Ubuntu like any other software.

      I suggest you read this tutorial on wubi. Its quite helpful..
      Click for tutorial.

      Once you have Ubuntu, feel free to customize it the way you want using “apt-get install” or from the Ubuntu Software center. I suggest you install Cinnamon first.

      sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gwendal-lebihan-dev/cinnamon-stable
      sudo apt-get update
      sudo apt-get install cinnamon

      Cinnamon will give you a windows like feel and im sure it helps the transition.

      Phew..I have written a mini post here.. Well, hope you join the Linux community soon! Glad to be of any help..

      • From Ubuntu 12.04 onwards Ubuntu has made a separate windows installer software. If you want to install Ubuntu inside Windows, you’ll have to download that first.

        In older versions, wubi came along with the ubuntu iso that we downloaded.

  21. i am using an ASUS W2j and i have problems installing a linux mint.displays the same thing

  22. you can solve this problem by going to settings->system->processor->enable PAE/NX
    in your virtualbox this problem occurs if ur os is 32 bit.

  23. Same problem with LinuxMint 13 OEM 64 bit. I was using Xboot, Boot Iso from QEMU.

  24. thanks man! works like a charm……… turned virtual technology on in bios and buzinga!!!

  25. I am installing backtrack 5 as well. I was getting the same error so I followed your advice and enabled virtualization technology but it did not solve my problem. Do you have any other ideas?

  26. To append the above comment, my main os is Ubuntu.

  27. In addition to turning VT-x technology I needed to turn “Data execution” on to start the setup. May be it is an additional step we need to perform for Intel 64 bit CPU’s

  28. I tried enabling Virtualization from BIOS on my lenovo laptop but still the error continues……

  29. It worked actually I did not started my VMWare again…………..thanks

  30. I got the same error running 64 bit Ubuntu in VBox. What exactly is it talking about with “i686 CPU”? I even got the same error after I enabled Intel VT-d. Is there a difference between VT-d and VT-x? My computer didn’t list a VT-x, only VT-d. My host operating system is 64bit Windows 7, running on a Lenovo ThinkPad E420 if that helps.

  31. please see ur laptop configuration some pc/laptop support amd processor and some intel processor , i think u all of u have the same problem with intel and amd processor , u trying ubuntu for amd processor so please download ubuntu for intel processor if hve u any problem to download ubuntu for intel then type on google ubuntu 12.0.4 iso for intel processor .

    parshant tyagi
    geu dheradhun

  32. Thanks a lot. After downloading both 32 and 64 bit versions of Centos 6.3, downgrading VBox, and a lot of frustrated moments, this post finally resolved it. Thanks and kudos for sharing this with us.

  33. thanks Manu a lot…it works well….

  34. This method is definitely working. Thank you so much.

  35. Thanks , that really saved us all a lot of time and pain !

  36. I cant find the Virtualization Technology option on my VM Bios settings? so confused, I just wanna get my backtrack running.

  37. Many thanks for this tip – it enabled me to get Cloudera’s VM working on my HP laptop.

    Wishing you a great 2013!

    • Hey Atish I am also trying to install Cloudera VM on my machine and facing the same issue.
      My system details: Intel Core 2 Duo, Windows 8 64 bit OS
      Please let me know what methods you followed

  38. is the bios in VM? when you hit the boot screen and press F1 to get to the options or on the actual desktop requiring power off and on?

  39. I have same error on installing backrtrack 5 can you please tell me how to solve this problem my Cpu requriment is intel Core2Quad 4Gb ram 320 Harddisk intel Q6600 processor 2.4

  40. I could locate this in my system. I enabled it, yet I still can’t open up the machine. My host is Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit, my guest is Fedora 64 bit, My machine is HP Probook 4530s. In BIOS, I have enabled ‘Virtualization Technology’ under System Configuration -> Device setttings.

    Any help?

    • Remember on the setup screen when it asked you to choose the guest’s operating system?
      Try changing that to “Fedora 64 Bit”

      Hope this helps!

  41. I have a question that i can’t found vt switch anywhere in bios setting, i found a super thread switch, what’s that?

  42. You need to disable “kvm”:

    qemu-system-x86_64 -no-kvm -cdrom $ISO

  43. i have the problem unable to boot centos in virtual box same error require x86-64 CPU detect only i686 something i enable the virtulation but cant work any new fix for this

  44. Now what should I do?

  45. Please, Can someone explain to me what’s the vendor logo?

  46. Basant kumar

    hai, mine is dell 32 bit windows 7 ultimate os and pentium processor. I turned virtualization on but the same problem is repeating please help me iam installing fedora 13 os

  47. If running a 64 bit OS through VBox, make sure;
    -Your physical PC has a x64 processor (is 64 bit)
    -You’ve set the system to 64 bit (Instead of selecting Debian, select Debian 64 Bit etc.)

  48. I had this problem installing Linux on a Thinkpad T510 and verified that I am in 64-bit and Virtualization/VT-d was enabled in BIOS. What fixed the issue was resetting BIOS to factory settings, turning OFF VT-d and virtualization in BIOS, shutting down, removing the battery, turning VT-d and virtualization back on, shutting down, removing battery and starting back up. Also turned off the BIOS password. Hope this helps!

  49. Hiiiiiii Buddy,
    I had the same problem with backtrack 5 R2. It is resolved now…Thanks a lotttt….

  50. Thanks alot buddy.. I had this problem but solved now… thax alot.. :)

  51. i can’t install linux-mint 15 on virtualbox machine. it has problem with kernel.
    How could i do?

  52. please help me how can i fix that problem
    my installation stop in that msg ” This kernel requires an x86-64 CPU, but only detected an i686 CPU. Unable to boot – please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU”.

    i checked my BIOS and i don’t find anything named Virtualization Technology

    i have samsung R530 where i can fix the problem to make Virtualization Technology enable

    mail me plz

  53. Thanks it helped me :)

  54. Ah ha! BIOS update must have disabled my visualization support … thanks dude!

  55. i changed to enable thoug it is showing the same error

  56. Ah well, I lost my whole Saturday, but you saved my whole Sunday…

  57. Thank you. That was very helpful. I had an older HP computer and I actually had to disable the intel processor in the BIOS setup. Then it started up!

  58. or change “ubuntu” to “linux 2.6” (64)

  59. Thanks very much for the tip. I followed your suggestion, edited my BIOS settings and, hey presto, my Oracle VM VirtualBox now runs Kali Linux without any problems. Regards.

  60. For the benefit of anybody with a Dell XPS 27 all in one (mine is an XPS 2720) you have to turn OFF virtualization in BIOS to actually turn it on (it’s the wrong way around) then install Virtual box again and you will see the 64 bit options in Virtual Box the drop down.

  61. OK, now – does anyone know how we “change the BIOS settings” on a Mac? I get the same error trying to run Ubuntu in VirtualBox on a core i3 iMac.

  62. Ok my friend…I can’t thank you enough!

  63. I’ve also gotten this error when I had the correct virtualization settings etc, but accidentally defined the VM as 32bit (e.g., in VirtualBox choosing Ubuntu instead of Ubuntu x64).

  64. A mi me con una Laptop con las siguientes características:
    Toshiba Satellite L305
    Procesador: Intel(R) Core (TM)2 Duo CPU T5800 @ 2.00GHz
    Tipo de sistema: 32 bits, procesador x64
    Sistema Operativo: W8 Pro
    Ocurre al momento de ejecutar el BackTrack5r con el VirtualBox versión 4.3.6

    ¿Alguien le sucede lo mismo?

  65. Guys i have short answer goto ur vbox/system/acceleration/enable both box then start your boot the you this message “This kernel requires an x86-64 CPU, but only detected an i686 CPU. Unable to boot – please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU” hit “ESC” then you well jump erorr message

  66. I followed your sugestion, but only worked after a complete shutdown. Thank you.

  67. In VirtualBox with ubuntu i have only change the version of OS in VB and it works.

  68. I solved it by selecting Ubuntu(64) in Settings>General>Basic->Version.

  69. plzz help me also….m getting same error but my intel motherboard doesn’t support any virtualization,there’s no option of vitualization or VT-x\d in bios i checked many times…..m using intel core2duo E4600 2.4ghz ,2 gb ram,mothbroad D945GCPE and windows 7 64-bit….plz plzz plzzz help me out :(

  70. HAHA, iam so stupid, “Muhaim” solved it 4 me. Pinguy 64bit on Virtualbox on MacBook…THX

  71. Virtualisation was already enabled when I checked BIOS, but was still getting the error message. Tried disabling, then re-enabling, and it finally worked…

  72. I hit the same wall with my AMD powered hp, running Oracle virtual box, on a 32 bit version of Ubuntu server. I will have to crack open the BIOS settings. Thanks for the post, uber helpful.

  73. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about blue screen.


  74. Omg, I was just about to give up on this thing, and sure enough the 64 bit was there sitting and waiting for me to change it. I so can’t believe it was that simple. Thanks from all the way in the US Virgin Islands

  75. great help! thanks

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  78. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your further post thanks once again.

  79. whoah this weblog is wonderful i love studying your posts. Stay up the great work! You know, many individuals are searching round for this info, you can aid them greatly. ceaffdceekde

  80. Koushik Karmakar

    i enabled the virtualization but still shows the same message

  81. ok …the deal is …some of us are simply beat !…..u cant run a 64-bit guest OS in VB even on 64-bit host OS…unless your processor AND BIOS/chipset support Virtualization @ some level ..perhaps even just the processor….idk……I have a Intel T4300…with NO BIOS virtualizaton options @ all……after going nuts I found an Intel processor ID utility ….though it clearly shows intel 64 tech = yes(which I knew) it also reads… Intel virtualization technology = NO, Intel VT-x = NO !… there you have it…..I read allot of the VB tech manual …..for the most part it seems to suggest that it CAN be done VIA software only AND that the Virtualization processor/BIOS/chipset VT-x support,is only needed on 32-bit Host systems to run a 64-bit guest….which is WRONG!….and is why there is no 64-bit OS’s listed in the VB OS type drop-down menu. You’d think VB would clearly show such basic requirements……… it could have prevented 30% of this thread….So….since I Can’t run my 64-bit linux on my 64-bit windows with VB….I will look into… if its just a VB limitation and if perhaps VMware or the microsoft virtulizer service might work…. or not(most likely) ….jeez !

  82. Man, you saved me lots and lots of problems. I have been trying to run the SAS virtualization and I had the same problem. Curious enough, I did not have that problem with Ubuntu. Thanks for the help , I really appreciate it

  83. Hello there, You’ve done a fantastic job. I’ll certainly digg it and personally suggest to
    my friends. I am sure they’ll be benefited
    from this website.

  84. Thx so much Muhaim :) Ur the man!! it was such a simple answer.

  85. Link exchange is nothing else but it is just placing the other persons weblog link on your page at proper place and other person will also do similar in support of you. ccfgbkfbdede

  86. My laptop doesn’t have Virtualization in its BIOS…it doesn’t support it..I tried using d “ubuntu 64bit” instead of “ubuntu” on my Vmware ..but it still gave me the same error..

  87. Wow! Finally I got a website from where I be capable of in fact
    get helpful facts concerning my study and knowledge.

  88. It works, thank you!

    • I also got the same problem when am booting from ubutu dvd, now which operating system can I boot from. I pressed the power button to shutdown my pc and the next day it failed to start then I decided to boot form ubutu dvd its when it told me that ‘This kernel requires an x86-64 cpu but only detected an i686 cpu. Unable to boot, please select z kernel appropriate to your cpu’. What can I do with it, my pc looks to be some old model though its a laptop.

  89. I have the same problem but for mine comes when am booting from ubutu dvd.
    I shutdown my pc by pressing power button but the next day it did not start even if I select to start with the last known so now I decided to boot with ubutu because I have no windows xp on try then I got such errors ‘This kernel requires an x86-64 cpu but only detected an i686 cpu. Unable to boot, please select z kernel appropriate to your cpu’ now what can I do or which operating system can I boot from.

  90. Hi, thanks for sharing but I did active this option on the Bios but I am still have this error. i use virtualbox….Same of sony viao serie…. Any other tips ?

  91. changing bios setting didn’t work for me, but selecting Ubuntu 64 (from Utuntu 32) did it.

  92. i dont’f find virtualization technology in my bios (intel pentium inside for hp 2000 processor 64 bits) please help me!!!

  93. Baraka Loibanguti

    The best answer for that problem!! Thank you guy!!

  94. I can not say enough thank you, thank you, thank you….

  95. I have Lenovo G570 with Intel B940 a 64 bit processor. Virtulization is enabled Still Virtual Box is showing only 32 bit options when I am trying to install Ubuntu 64 os is win 7 ultimate 64 bit..I tries all the suggestions above….please help..

  96. ya, its work, thanx

  97. Mohtada jokhio

    I have this problem booting kali linux

  98. plz help me how to install bt 5

  99. Very helpful, thank you.

  100. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. How do I get to the bios??(Want to install Kali linux)

  102. Hi Muhaim,

    Your suggestion works for me. By the way, the BIOS one does not help alone…

  103. I was struggling with this problem for two days running Virtual Box on WIndows 10 Pro. It was particularly frustrating because I have VMs that worked fine one day, and then the next day, WHAM!, “This kernel requires an x86-64 CPU, but only detected an i686 CPU. Unable to boot – please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU”. 64-bit OSs were no longer even available to select as the VM OS in VirtualBox.

    I systematicaly eliminated all the common causes, BIOS settings, etc., and started back tracking all the changes I made to my system since the “last known good” boot of these VMs.

    To my delight, I found the cause. As it turned out, adding a Windows phone module to Visual Studio 2015 Professional enabled Windows Hyper-V. Windows Hyper-V trumps Intel Virtualization / Connected Standby. I don’t need to develop for Windows phone very often, so I disabled Hyper-V. Viola! All my 64-bit virtual machines booted again.

    The fix was relatively easy:

    To disable Hyper-V:
    – Open a command prompt with elevated rights (AKA Run as administrator)
    – Type ‘bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off’ and press [Enter]
    – Reboot

    To re-enable Hyper-V:
    – Open a command prompt with elevated rights (AKA Run as administrator)
    – Type ‘bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype auto’ and press [Enter]
    – Reboot

    HTH anyone else struggling with this.

    ~ Josh “The Geek” Graves

  104. the problem is that your hardware drivers have not been installed, check that they are correct or download the drivers for your pc.

  105. Gracias. Me funcionó instalando un fedora server en un ubuntu.

  106. charlotte moore

    I’m just wanting to say hello and hi to Bryan from Google cloud. Hi Bryan!

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