Extension pack error: VirtualBox version mismatch – expected 4.1 got 4.0

Virtual box extension pack 4.1 allows you to use the usb and various other physical i/o ports and things in your virtual interface with ease…

Well, this was the error that i came across yesterday…what happened was the VirtualBox i had was 4.0.something…i checked for updates and found that im running the latest version…apparently i was not..we will soon come to that…so, as soon as i learned that the extension pack will be of good use to me, i download the latest extension pack and tried to install and got the error

VirtualBox version mismatch – expected 4.1 got 4.0.

So as usual i Googled it…sources(mostly my common sense) told me its because i not running the latest version of virtual box..but i did check for updates didnt i?all right let me check their official web site…what do you know??…they did have a update for my VBox… v4.1!!

Download 85MB of exe,install,install extension pack…all solved..

If you still want to install an extension pack for you 4.0 VBox,they have older versions of extension packs too…

Go to VirtualBox Downloads Page to get your version of VBox and its epack.

In the end, do not trust the system!! :) its trying to screw you!! :)



SOLUTION: Install the right version of extension pack or update your virtual box.

  1. It would be much more helpful if you could include screenshots as well sir!

    • aha…well dear sire, my mind was fixed on solving it…:) hence i didn’t take the screen shots…when i encounter a few more,i certainly shall

      and im going to add them to my blog…now… :) even though i did not take them then..

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