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Ubuntu: Make an iso of your mmc

Well, it doesnt have to be your mmc. It could be anything thats connected to your system.

How to: Make an .iso file from the terminal

Stuff I did:

Ubuntu software center, Google etc. to find a terminal application that would let me do it. Found “cat” from ubuntuforums. Well, i tried it out. Didnt know what it did exactly and i thought i just wrote everything in a file to another file

sudo cat /dev/mmcblk0 > my-iso.iso

This will create an .iso for all practical purposes i suppose. But for a normal user like me, i dont suppose you can transfer it to another os and use it for anything. the default archive manager doesnt open it either.

Found out about “dd” while Google-ing.

sudo dd if=/dev/mmcblk0 of=my-iso.iso

This does the exact thing as cat. But dd is the way everyone does it i suppose.

Solution: mkisofs

mkisofs is what came to myhelp at long last.

mkisofs -0 my-iso.iso /media/mmcname/

This did the trick. It created an iso of all the contents of “mmcname”. The only thing is however, it works only for directories i believe.