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Stuff that i watch, or enjoy watching

Born to be wild

i like this one too…:)


Highway to hell

I like this one..

Highway to Hell, opening track of AC/DC’s 1979 album..won the ‘Most Played Australian Work Overseas’ category at the Australian Performing Right Association Awards.

Top Gear

:) 17th season starts today.. its just 3 british blokes who dint have much to do with cars presenting one..Richard Hammond o the left, Jeremy Clarkson at center, James May to the right..and THE STIG to the right back, white clad, hes believed to be born with the helmet!!

Car show with an average 380 million viewers worldwide,where you see rockets launching a car, jet fighters and helicopters trying to get missile lock on a car, helicopter landing on a family car, Toyota Hilux being on top of a building to be demolished, just to check its durability.. :)

Its all the crazy stuff that you don’t get else where…

Its actually a live show. its shot in a large aircraft hangar at Dunsfold Aerodrome, Surrey.

and people going there dont have to pay, just put their names down and you will be randomly chosen to appear for an episodes..

They have a test track deigned by Lotus Engine-ears ;).. obviously, its supposed to test out the performance cars..and they get to drive it themselves.. the right top most corner is called the Gambon corner..Michael Gambon apeared in their Star-in-a-reasonably-priced-car segment where the stars drive a 1000 pound car around their tracks and set lap timesThe track. and Gambon at this corner, was on the right two wheels of his poor Suzuki Liana. :)

Boring is it? well watch it and you will like it…

About the presenters

Jeremy is like the alpha male here. he was there in the original top gear that consisted of proper testing and no crazy stuff. hes one cheeky guy who desnt care who he talks about or what people may think about what he had uttered.

He is the only man to drive to the north pole!!:) part of Top Gear’s North Pole Adventure where James and he races Hammond on a dog sledge to the north pole. this is just one of those episodes. There’s and entire one hour episode where they drive around Vietnam with scooters and bike they just bought from Vietnam for second or third hand.

Hammond was a radio presenter nicked Hamster, hes the looks of the show..he fills in the gap with his undisputed love for Porsche 911s..He is probably best remembered for his near fatal accident in York on the 20th of September in 2006, whilst filming a race in a Vampire Dragster for Top Gear. He crashed the dragster while traveling at 288 miles an hour and received serious head injuries, of which he has made a spectacular and full recovery.

James is the slow one…and more composed than the rest..nicked Captain Slow he rode with Jeremy to the north pole..

Its a jolly good BBC Series…

Oh and to know more about Stiggy,