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An unknown error has occurred.

The App Store could not process your request. (4)

I got this recently while trying to update Xcode from the Mac App Store. Im not sure if this problem exists for other apps or processes, but this here is my experience so far.

The problem is I was working on a machine at work which had an iTunes account linked that I didn’t know the password to. After numerous attempts at providing my own account and getting the error above, I called up on the google and support forum gods for help.

Most of the solutions involved clearing cookies and sessions but this didn’t help. Might have worked for others, but not for me. But set me on a trail that solved my problem eventually.

So essentially, App Store still thinks the old iTunes account is what it needs to try and associate the download to.

To fix this, go into the App Store > Store > Sign out.

And then Sign in with the account you want to use. Thats it!


Attempt to get back to it.

I shall attempt to get back to it again. Hopefully find time during or after work. :)

Now I do

Every now and then you come across people who has a girl’s picture as their mobile phones wall paper. I used to wonder why people do that. It will eventually be like your favourite song right? The more you listen to it, less exciting it gets.

But now I get it. Love is fat and chubby and cheesy. And it would seem like an eternity even if its been just the weekend. It would seem like your life p lrobably doesn’t have much to offer you now. Its kinda like its saying “This the best I can get you, grab it. Don’t let go of it. Love it, savour each moment like its the last and may be you will love me again.”

Now I get it. I really do.

On dynamics

Considering it was one of the subjects I failed in, during first year of engineering, the first time around, I don’t think I’ve an authoritative voice on this. But, let’s just say I would love it if people were cool about stuff in general. Mostly letting stuff be. Just let it be.

Manu is Elephant BA

Im an engineer now. At long last. Yes, calicut university says im one. But apart from that and the feeling of “oh finally”, there is nothing that stands out to make my life any different.

My work is the same, I eat the same food, I breathe the same air, my relatives are still unsatisfied, my friends are still the same, they treat me no different. But hey, I guess thats how it’s supposed to be. Never been an engineer before. Officialy anyway.

Pretty got me a blue shirt to celebrate. :) a very blue one.
Its a size bigger than what I usually wear but it fits me well enough. I like it. That’s pretty much the only thing I’ve to show for this achievement. To everyone that’s thinking you ought to get me something, don’t :)

No, stop telling me that I’m being unrealistic just because I expected fireworks when I exit university gates. Possibly an aircraft writing in  the air “Congrats!!” Or something. Cheers and applause from random people I don’t know would be great too :)

Insert “Calvin gets an A” comic. The one that Haris shared with me earlier.


To every one the university, “That’s all folks!”. To everyone who actually still cares, I’m there now, thanks for the ride along. Its not been pleasant, but been bearable coz of you all.

Name change

Ive changed my blog’s name as you can see.. Last time i was in Bangalore with Sriram, Rhithwik and the gang, Sriram asked me “Hey dude, why didnt you name your blog Manuscript.” Here it is. Thanks Sriram, I like it :)

Why I cant fall in love..

This is a rant about how I look at myself, once again, feel free to not read through and not bother with it.

I consider myself a bit of a romantic.. Do others consider me the same, I don’t really care..perhaps I should be considering that’s the point of all this.. Anyway the introvert I am, is unable to talk to girls Im not acquainted, I wear headphones with no music at times to not have to talk to people. And this my friends,is a huuuuuuuge minus.. Then there is the inability to impress them in Malayalam.. I can unload on them my world views and create an amazing persona for myself but this takes time and actually talking to them..which I don’t do.

Lets say I overcome this and talk to girls I actually feel awesome about, the insecure little bitch in me loves to point out I not worth fuck that guy.. He should burn in hell and have a fat stomach and a huge zit on his nose..

One he’s dead, there is the ever present fear of acceptance that I may or may not get from people I care about.This is important to me.

At this point, I handed the phone to Sathya where he proceeds to type in the following para

A Friend’s advice:  There is always an introvert in all of us dude. Its all about how you want to see yourself.. You dont need to kill this guy… Just keep him & yourself comfortable.  Its just my point of view…

And now Sathya has handed me back my phone and I love being me. I love my myself and maybe my mom and dad are the only people who love me more than I do. I like the introvert in me.. I hate the insecure little bitch in me he keeps holding me back. He keeps me from following my dreams, taking risks, falling in love and makes me think I’m not worth it even when I possibly clearly am. :) We go on to talk about what sort of introvert I am, about my college life and how last week of December in first year will always be remembered, about my first love. I talk a lot when I am high i guess.

Well anyway, we end up with me being very defensive about the way i am, and that he and Navya were trying to fix me. I didn’t mean to be rude or anything but it came out a bit rude i guess. I like it they tried to help me accept things a move on and out of my own way.

Well this is me. I like not speaking to people I’m not acquainted with. I like the introvert in me. I like the ambitious dreamer in me. I like the romantic in me. I like the philosopher in me. I like how I view the world. I like how i want to treat others.

But, what i need to take from all this is, i love my new friends. They are awesome and I am a self centered git and a very stubborn idiot who thinks he is perfect. :P :D

Whats up!

Status report!

Haris used to ask me this every now and then. And I would usually reply with what I wish was the state of things. Here is the honest state of things so far. Why would you be interested? I don’t know. Feel free to skip to the last. :)

Been working at iLeaf Solutions for the past 2 months. Staying at Olive apartments for the same about of time. Don has joined me at the apartment during the start of this month. He got transferred to TCS here. Yesterday would’ve been the 2 year anniversary of me joining TCS if had no backlogs back then. I may have had a better chance at starting something of my own had i been with my peers from college for the last 2 years. But, Ive certainly met more people and experienced 2 different working environments in the meanwhile. Have made new friends here.

At the moment, I’m working on a personal project, something I thought of myself and pitched here. Its going great, and we are expecting it to be ready for a beta launch halfway through October. Im handling a client project as well on the side. So long as the delivery schedules are met, I dont think they eat your head off. Being a service based firm, Im trying hard for my product to succeed here. My tiff with the university continues, but will clear it up soon. Didnt have the courage to call up Manu. Didnt have the courage to call up most of the people in that condition. Ive shamelessly called up classmates/friends with favors. Again, I would gladly do what I can to help if it were me. Bought an active back home. I shall now learn how to ride a two wheeler.

Still play World of Tanks, read Naruto, started watching a new anime series called Sword art Online. Cousin is growing up to be exactly like me in character. Which is worrying me. Have been told my eyes are powerful and commanding (yeah right!). After Zanadu, ive found a new place here called Ameera. Slightly better food and place but, similar in basics. Closes down on Sundays, do have to roam around for food.

All in all, life on earth goes on as usual. Still think I made a wrong turn somewhere around the Andromeda Galaxy. But, no regrets what so ever. Eventually, its not how you have managed to survive. But whom you chose to be and be with that matters.


This ones from December of 2011..sitting in my drafts collecting digital dust…

Now, what the hell is that? Before I start of, this isn’t a I hate Facebook thing. I am not there anymore. Been there done that. True, social networks aren’t really needed for you to keep in touch with those who you want to keep in touch with. But I hate it when people aren’t responsible enough about their actions. I know the numbers of those who I would like to ring up even if I’m in an environment with no digital gadgets to memorize the numbers for me. Its the level of commitment that you are willing to put in for them that defines friendship. What if you are a person who likes to stay in touch with only a couple of people that you really care about? Who cares, really. Its your friends and you decide who you would like to be your friends. Yes you have a reason to say when you are friends with someone on facebook. “Its just on facebook. We aint that close.” I had 200 friends there and i don’t remember most of them. but yes the few that i still call by phone are the exception. Extroverts like me use social networks to keep in touch with people they know, they’ve spoken to, they’ve seen, they’ve wanted to meet and a lot more. I would certainly like to cherish memories i had with my class mates back in Doha, and i would love to do that with my college. And if social networks are the only way to do it, i will be sure to do that. Memories with a lot of people in it is more valuable than all the fun you could have with a select few in them. “More the merrier” ain’t it? Its the extend that you are willing to go to that defines your friendship with someone. I know i know “Youve gotta know when to say no.” Thats alright for most people may be. but to me, thats just not possible. Even if the person is a mere acquaintance, and i can actually say yes, i would.

you made sure that you had that marsh with in a locked safe with a biometric password which is you bloody eye!! you must have had a close friend’s bloody eye with the alt password…and also a cry recognized by him wen you are in trouble..relax bro…for all you know, your friend had foreseen the suicide and might be there deep in the quagmire in his aqua lungs…he probably has a back door installed deep within all the muck…trust him…go through the muck…he will pull you out the other side…

Now in real life if you do that “Its just the class and we ain’t that close”, now that’s a huge load of bullshit right there. I mean be an introvert and stop talking to people who you wouldn’t want to be your friends-for-life or friends at all for that matter. They will leave you alone. And you shall continue you life being happy with the select few Gems that you would treasure for the rest of you life.


Haris should remember the lines in the quotes. I thought I was being crystal clear of what I meant. Apparently not :) and sorry for the trip down memory lane.

Bad post

Twitter just asked me if I know Narendra Modi.. On that note of feeling important, yesterday my office decided to celebrate my birthday..why late? Well 5 of us had birthdays this month and 5 celebrations are not how we roll..


As you can see from the badly designed apple and android logos, we are a mobile app dev team..and I belong to neither, as Hari suggested..:) I called my self the inter process communication channel..and I’m petty sure this brought a few extra kicks to my butt with it.. yup birthday bums. Apparently this juvenile exhibition of ones bum smashing skills is a tradition here. I would’ve shared the rest of the pics but, you wouldn’t recognize me in them..:)

Onam celebrations going to happen here and they want me to sing or dance..oh they are going to regret this.. :D not that I’m not interested or anything, but I’m absolutely incapable of remembering lines or voice modulation..However, if there is one thing I want to do before I die, its to learn and play the guitar or the piano.

Forgive this badly formed post, for I’m falling asleep..