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I wish you a Merry X’mas and a happy new year!

We wish you a merry Christmas..
We wish you a merry Christmas..
We wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

That is how the song goes..(not really sure.. I mean I’ve never been around carols..not really big in the middle east.. ;) ) well..I wish you all a merry Christmas and a very happy new year! :)

Yes Haris already gave you a Xmas gift and all that..while I type this, he’s forgotten that my name starts with a “M”..So, i have completely boycotted that post of his and invite you to read this..(though at this point, Im every-one, we will just carry on here…)

Bit late am I not? Its just me and my hesitation ruling me. Better late than never! But I hope it really is. I mean I don’t want that to change after you read this post. :)

What is all this going to be about? Well, it’s been about 3 years, 3 months and 8 days from the first day that I walked in into the class and did a “I don’t know anything about me more than my name and where I’m from” act in front of everyone. And its 3 years since I got something wonderful from my class. Nothing time can’t heal eh..? Well never mind all that..

I plan on writing about everyone in my class. Yes I don’t know about most of you, and I don’t remember stuff like No-One. Let me revisit my past years in college. Read through if you can, don’t have to, but I would really like it if you did. :) I’ve scrolled back up to add this following line, now that I’ve met the first person whom I’ve nothing to write about. Please help me fill up my memories. Comment, I’ll add it in.

Statutory Warning: This could be extremely boring and extremely how i picture you in my mind!

Oh and there is an easy way to go to your name or to the name of a friend.. Read below:

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See that address on top, add to the end a “#” to the end to jump to your needed part of the post. Check it out “#howto” will get you here. You could try with #jinu or #chellan etc. if you don’t get your name at first, try your nick names. goes..

I’ll start with my first bench mate then on the first day at college.


MR as you all know him. First day in college. I went straight to the last bench asked some guy to move over to park my extremely tired legs and then we were all sitting and listening to Anoop sirs graphics class. All of a sudden I hear a “BUHUHUHAHAHAHA..”. I’m like “what the    !” I then see my neighbor scream out to himself “s*** sh**” and pull out with difficulty his Nokia 3110c and put it into silent mode. This was Sharat.

I told to myself. “This wont be so bad after all”. My hostel mate, ex room-mate, one among us 4 certain latecomers to class, programmer knows the syntax of like 7 or 8 different programming languages and knows nothing about the human ones at all. He’s amazing at learning almost anything off the Internet (he learned to play guitar from the net!). I think he’s the first guy to get a laptop in out class and to bring it to his hostel and let the seniors ruin it for him :). And maaan, its hard to argue with him. He has this totally different idea of what we are trying to tell him. I often have to end up asking him “what are we arguing about again?”. We believe he was born with his blanket and his towel. Poor guy has a bad bad nose.

I have not met a more helpful man in my life. I’ve seen him fix up projects and get project ideas for people he has hardly talked to. I mean how does he know so much stuff about stuff that no-one else knows about. :) Laziness can give a good competition for his helpfulness though.

He will be the last person who will read up this stuff.

We will leave him there. Lazy helpful knowledgeable friend.


The second guy in that last bench in the middle row. I didn’t know much about him back then. He did seem really reserved. And now I understand how stupid I was! Nobody hates college more than he does. Not even me. I honestly do believe that had he gone off on his own, coding and sitting at home, I’m pretty sure he would be coming to our college to recruit some of us by now. Excellent programmer, guitarist, vocalist and the holder of the only Windows Phone 7 in our college. Oh and he loves coffee if you negate how much he hate Zanadu food, you will get exactly how much he loves coffee. My caffeine high post was due to him.

His major advantage would be his body clock, it doesn’t exist. He walks around at 2 am wide awake and is back in college in the morning because he has to cover up his attendance shortage, ’cause he went trekking and on an internship. His application has been downloaded like 40K+ times. I mean 40K+ computers have his name somewhere in it! Now that’s something. Yes he’s lazy, takes bath only once every full moon (just kidding) and his hair does scare kids. He doesn’t give a damn any way. I hate the fact that he gets away with it.

Oh and lot of people don’t know this, he is not Sreeram. He will literally strangle you for it.

I’m going to talk about my new bench mates now. We moved from that last bench in the middle row to the second last bench in the first row! (do not tell me its a column and not a row. I know!)


Tall lean guy from Trivandrum. It was him, me Sharat and Manu in that second last bench. About don, short-tempered is what you might all feel. He isn’t really all that short-tempered. May be a little bit, he’s just holding strong on his point. Why would you argue with him anyway? Kick boxing champion, football player (even though not so much after he’s come here) and has a brilliant “kadalppuram” that will come down on you all on his command. :)

Good friend, biologist among us and mostly my source of new information. He’s like the radio I mean don’t have to read the paper everyday to get any information, just talk to him. Anything from the neutrino being faster to the two-headed snake at Malampuzha, hes got a bit of news for you all. He loves sports, would love to learn some new sport if you can tell him its name. Definitely competitive, like what am i talking about right?

We’ve two teams coming up for Sevens Samba and Super 8. Lets see what happens huh?


Of-course the other Manu. Govindan as I call him. First guy with the same name as mine, in my class. 14 years and there has not been a single Manu in my class (obviously apart from me) and there he was stealing all my glory. From Kottayam Junction he hails and brings along his endless array of medical emergencies. Seriously there wont be another guy in college with his medical record! He was along with me in most of the labs and workshops. Nah that wont do it justice. Lets see…

Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Workshops, Electrical and Electronics, Digital Electronics and  Systems lab. Yes most of this involved Jiji and Jinu and Kannan as well. But hey, none of their names are Manu! He is a good guy really. Of-course his reputation is not quite where you would like it.

First Android holder in class, participated in the mass bunk coordination of ’08 Dec along with me, great at mobile phone hacking and fixing up cool stuff with laptops like fishes for an active desktop. Another guy I could count on.


Once Sharat went back to irritate Renjith and Rahul to their wit’s ends, Kannan joined us. The 3rd in our gang for the labs and stuff. It was fun to call 24 25 and 26 in a row when ma’am calls for attendance. He literally turns bright red when most would want people to not know about it. :) Accompanied me in taking down the mountain behind MH. Haris has blogged about it a while back. well..Thats all I do know about him. Help me fill it up.

Alright now to the rest of the class. I’ll go with the order of seating I suppose. Or I might not. May be I will. argh!!


First guy I talked to at lunch time in class. I sat with him in the front bench with all the seniors snooping around and he came to know that I’m an NRI and all that. True fun was all the labs and workshops that we had together. Having to control Manu, Jiji and Kannan, and to make them do something, Jinu was my right hand man. :) could count on him to write the materials required and I’m always late for Civil just by 2 mins and that is a big deal. The labs, I generally don’t have a clue what we are going to do, and he would magically bring out the materials required list and get them. Submitting records and stuff on time happened only because of him.

Facebook addict and proud, I would say. Every 10,15 mins he takes out his 5800 and flips through the Facebook. I have made some deep scratches on his screen guard. :) oops! I really didnt mean to bro. Just couldnt find my nail cutters that morning. I’ve cut them now :).


I refuse to talk about “Harish”! ;)


I do know how how got the name Usbumon. I pray to those who know the whole thing to share it. As I know it, he read those processes running in ubuntu and found……..usbmon……he asked out loud “Eda usbumon enthada?”

You know what, this might not be remotely close to the real story. Im not doing it justice :)

He is the one who faced BOSE’s question. We shall come to him soon. :) I don’t have many moments to share about with Dileep. I suppose that happens when you aren’t in the MH. Really. Nothing at all! The thing I do remember from first year, I would not like to put it here. Other than that..hmm…

The first guy, who I’ve met, apart from Sai to be using a hero pen. We were crazy about ink pens from 9th till 12th. Seeing him use it does bring back memories. The dedication that he does put into college does make me jealous. I mean I’ve never out that much dedication into anything. I see him now building his cloud up with Sunil and the rest. I wish him luck.

I guess im going to have trouble writing about people at MH.


I think I know why he doesn’t respond to all the people who hit him and scribble over his books and stuff. Do you shout at kids who hit you? Don’t you just take it all in? :)

Silent guy, witty dialogues and man the timing with which he gives them. Like this one time when Rahul (thadiyan) held him around his shoulders and was giving him a bone cracking hug, he speaks nothing and then he tells with a smile.

“aanede thumbikaiyyilu panampatta kittiya pole ayirunnello”

I suppose hes one person who knows programming and has no one pestering him with flash drive requests. Really, take the first few guys who walk out of a lab exam, he would be among the top few.


Yes the legendary Bose! The one who asked USBU “What is your view about ***?” with arms wide open and face fixed with a great philosophical look. I had stood up at the same time to ask about his green T-Shirt. Ignoring all the weird looks, he blasted of in front of all those girls and guys!

Samskarashoonyan! :)

Yes, he wrote a compiler and made a new programming language, the latter coming first. Hes like Dennis Ritchie while Sharat is Neil Armstrong (correction, hes the guy who put Neil Armstrong in that space cruiser!), and Sriram possibly Steve Jobs. First guy to actually do something useful with his laptop. His 6GB beast sees mostly just command line and that is super cool. How often do you get to say I studied in the same class as Sutheesh. I’m pretty sure he will do us all proud.

Now, his name. I believe he got it from signing all those forwarded poems. For once i know where these originated from. Those were beautiful lines now that you look back. Dude, we were a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of poems that you sent us. We liked them.

struct bose
     int name;
     char num[9];

If you see the above code anywhere, run away. Run as far away as possible :)


Again, I don’t have much to write about him. I do remember walking along with him from Daffodils till Akathethara to get bus to go home. I believe its during the time when he used to come from Thrichur. I didn’t think i was possible. Get up in the morning and get a bus to college. Its just 2 and half hours away.

Yes I’ve ignored an entire bench. Till I get more stuff to write about the third bench, I shall leave Ajith to take their place.


Always surprises me with what he manages to churn out. Loves to play racing games on his lap and if it demands much more performance or if he cant be bothered to install in his, plays on mine. Frequent visitor to my hostel for some download or the other. Yes the founding member of Abacus. If it had a mastiff, he would be on it. :) I do think he keeps Harish in track of when to meet our HOD for permissions to conduct stuff in Abacus’s name. He is our sponsor hunter even for DreamSpark Yatra, it was him who accompanied us. Amazing guy, good programmer, knows about the happenings of the world, I’ve no clue what goes on around me really.


Now that is one guy who I will have a lot to talk about. Hes our opposing team’s captain when playing at Palazhi (Don’s Hostel). Fun guy shouting “Shaanthar gendbaaz” every time me or Rhithwik throw what most would call an “aana wide” :) Seriously fun, handsome, friendly, home brewed slapstick that brought along a real stick with him. We will come to the stick shortly.

He is my medicine man every time I need some tablet that you will never get anywhere, I always manage to find him to look for it in Olavakkode and of-course he doesn’t find it. I don’t think his bike likes him. Shhh..!! Don’t tell him. It has tried to take his life a couple of times and yet he gives it to Sharat to try out. That guy has no clue how geared bikes work and it was scary when it took him about 15 mins to go around LH through Manjula and come back through Zanadu.

Haven’t seen him tensed except for that one day. The TCS placement day. How dare they not call him for the second interview? In the midst of all that tension, he joined me and Varun to form the ‘T’ of TCS. Hes totally cool about anything else that goes around in this world. Nothing can take that chill out of him. And placement day, I believe its just out of frustration of keeping him waiting and not not getting the job or what ever. Him and Ponnan would be the link between us from Ambadi and the rest of the world.

What is unbearable about him? Nothing really, he knows when to stop his shower of lame jokes unlike Harish who keeps it coming irrespective of the nasty glares from everyone around him. Accompanied me to my home, 3rd guy from college to ever see my house. We reached here at 3am i guess and left at 5am. :) yeah..Good programmer, helpful and responsible friend.

Renjith is his name.

The rest shall soon follow. Just 13 guys so far and im running out of words.

I shall make amends with my blogging alter ego to not spell Haris as Harish. :) Lets resume now. 12.10 am on the 2nd of Jan seems about the right time to continue this.


Well, lets put it like this. He is the one who you will see giving Sriram a good work out. Sriram would go around attacking people. Most would run away and we see Rahul weighing in at 220 Pounds, hailing from Alappuzha, standing in Sriram’s Path of destruction. He comes from a banking family. No really! His generation how ever is into IT. (What ever gets good money eh? So, is that still banking? hmm..) A big pillow thats what hes been on those 7hr long  bus journey back home.

Hes targeted by Sriram, Pretty, Sharat, Renjith, me, erm..pretty much everyone really. He inspires me in cases where he manages to stay within a 100kgs. Never went over it on average. Also when it comes to solving programming related problems. He just doesn’t quit (like I always do). Hes gone on to AI and machine learning from blue-tooth mouse and keyboard with your Nokia mobile phones.

So, in short, hes a really sweet, friendly pillow to fight with who is good with programming :)


I cant remember anything about him in 1st year. But man did he give a truck load each semester from then compensating for it. Another of my medical representatives, I mean he would represent me to the medical shops. :) (that was a joke, really!, I swear I’m not pulling your leg… Ah..! Never-mind!). Hes the stick that came along with our slap stick. Hes been living on “thairsadam” from the day I can remember. But it seems its true for Renjith’s memory too. :)

I was there in the green room when he got a beard and a mustache and man that was a transformation! Saw their play and to think i was going to get that role of his is scary. Wouldve lost my marbles under all that pressure. I suppose hes used to pressure being a KOPITE. ;)

Man I’m using too many smileys!

Volley hes known among the girls, Ponnan among guys and Don had asked me this before “He is a Ko-Ko player and yet hes called volley..” (not a question is it? I did think about it but my alter ego wont let me change it. So, who is typing this now? Dont even ask!). Should be fun calling him Ko-Ko.

Amazed at how he keeps his balance between the teachers’ wishes and his classmate’s kshama’s nellipalaka. Sharat couldn’t and look where he is now. ;) Every single announcement of his makes me think he was a priest of some sort from last life. Seen how he tells you to keep quiet and tells you that Crypto exam is tomorrow? The same “ayushman bahava” right hand motion.

A man who sticks up for Facebook against Harish on his blog! In his turf! Some top dog eh? Of-course I don’t have to explicitly mention that he will make a good diplomat (or a technocrat). I mean how many times has he gone to the teachers to postpone the test thats about to happen today or even the next hour? We all owe him a bit i suppose.

To us, Ambadi-Palazhi boys, Captain to the team opposing Chellan and mostly always wins (No its never uneven distribution of players. Its always been a player more than Chellans team. You can’t call that unfair! Blasphemy! (I always wanted to use that word) I should stop with him now, I’m using brackets inside brackets).


Our own Hit man! No, he doesn’t want to kill anyone (or does he?aha…something to think about!), most people want to kill him though. The guy who I’ve lend my net-setter to and has gone to Bombay, hence you see me (do you?) right now plugging my dad’s phone in to access net, after several inquiries into the where abouts of the afore mentioned article from my dad. Well, its the least i could do after having sold my phone to him and broke its LCD, and then made him use it like a blind man would. I suppose im paying my dues, my C6 has had its LCD go to heaven. With his 41 virgins :)

He is the guy who was trying to gain the attention of all the teachers in first year. He wanted to get a transfer to Thrichur. But as fate has it, we wound up with him. Yes he hates you all. Like you give a damn when you didn’t know. Hes now weird, hes different from the rest of us (thats what weird is isnt it?). One guy, who isn’t afraid of telling his mind out. Friend or not, he will tell you what he wants to tell you to your face, if he wants to. Most of the time he would think “Ah whats the point”. Bro, I’m stopping now before i do any more damage.

In a nut shell, hes Valsan, Kelu, Varun, or what ever you choose to call him. Oh and he wont read this blog! Now, that I’m certain about!


Yes kunjunju to you all. But to us, me and Don, hes palappuli. He has a solution to every damn problem of yours. “athinu pakaram ingane cheythappore?” if you hear that anywhere around you, don’t even bother to look around. Call out loud kunjunje and he will come from behind you and poke you in your ribs with his finger.

Yes we have a lefty here. I mean he has a good left arm when throwing stuff. Be it a chalk, ball of paper, or even a fast ball to Ponnan’s team. His Hawk beak nose has been ridiculed about a bit. It doesn’t look all that odd on him though. First man whom i saw, (he is definitely going to kill me for this) wear a T – shirt proper for a couple of days, and turn it inside out and wear it another couple of days. :)

Kunjunje, Ill take that down if you want. (all of you guys read it and share it before i have to take it down. :))

Ivan njangade puli. Garjikkunna puli. Palappuli.

Im gonna take a break now. like you can stop me! ha! Oh and for the recent ones i havnt done the cool # thingy (its actually called inter-segment linking, and its back up on the new update). Shall soon.

Ive taken a long enough break i suppose. Lets push on ahead. I still dont have my laptop around, its still at home. This here is Rhithwik’s laptop and avan kaninju anugrahichu thannathanu ithu. :)


Kannettan as he and many others call him, is my room mate. He is the one responsible for the death of our Governor! True Story!

The night before ADBMS exam, got food from zanadu and got back home around 6-30 ish. It was then that Sriram stumbled out of his planet half asleep, brain definitely asleep. And we set up on doing this. This took around 2 hours and he was still not awake!

The ET

Well, around 8, we had food and decided to study after that. At around 9, when we had finished dinner and an episode of How I met your mother, started off and he found out that there is no way hes going to finish off 4 modules of boring theory with in the next 10 hours. Many desperate prayers to his acquaintances, Gods, it was Pretty rang me up and said our Governor has passed away. Rhithwik’s facial expression was something i had never seen. He was happy, but couldnt be sure if the exam was postponed. Then till around 11.30, he would come out of the room out to the sit out and shout “please please please let it be…” And then he shouted out a couple of “All hail Oommen Chandi” after he had declared holiday for all educational institutions.

The story of the being from far far away will be narrated by Rhithwik and leave it to him.

So, about how Rhithwik fits in. First time i saw him was while we were walking back to Chithra. He used to live there and by chance i found him walking back home at 4 with his Cool Dog bag. He still has that bag and it has a moldy treasure in it! It is for those who dare to look for it. Me, Don, Sharat and Rhithwik we were the ones who would walk down from college to wards chithra and split our separate ways. Don would part us around our Aalthara. I would take a left from the end of the road and Rhithwik and Sharat would walk till chithra. That was us then and this is us now.

The guy loves reading, watching series (he has his own TV schedule, which will resume once i give this back to him), random paging wiki, stumble upon, all the crazy stuff that has no responsibilities attached to it. You could trust him to deliver someones life saving drug on time and that is his limit. nothing below it hardly ever works. It works for him. I mean he is still alive and well, nothing badly screwed up, nothing that we cant have a laugh about after a week. I would say it is because of him that I’ve started reading again.

Imma stop now. His is becoming the longest one here. Well, no other guys has a being from far far away land home the day before his entry was made in to the post. :)


Pakka thrissurkkaran. Had our differences in first year but all cleared up the moment he was added into the list of perpetrators on that December. The funniest thing was while writing out apology letter to Sushama ma’am, he had made a slight mistake of missing a ‘n’.

“……I will repeat this never. …..” went my apology.

“……I will repeat this ever. …..” went his. It couldve happened to anyone. :)

I just got home from playing cricket with him. After the first few battles against Kannettan and team, he retired to just bowling. Me and don went on to making Rahul bowl for both of us. Roomies with Rahul from first year and Pachalam from the year after. Rahul calls him by a nick that seldom we hear, and i cant mention. :) Fun guy to hang out with. He is the one who I’ve been out with most, after my immediate gang people. I havnt seen him take offense on anything anyone says and that is something. Sinto vs Don is a match up we dont want. All of us have seen it, havnt we. But that ended that day, that hour. No sorry no hard feelings, no emotional crap.


One among the few of the guys who make the class lively. Even if its with his facts noone dares speak, or with his singing, or with his irritating the girls around him, or his argument with the guests head on. The first time i talked to him, i think was in our civil lab introduction. We were in charge of doing nothing or in charge of pulling the chain around and stuff. It being the first day, we dint have groups or anything. The second time around it was walking out of electrical and electronics workshop and there were chilli plants around. Me trying to be macho guy plucked one of those kantharis and bit in. The dialogue he said is still in my head. Few know about it.

“innu mele kavile devi kopichu…..nale..” (hey, i dint tell anything, it was all you. You guessed the rest of it!)

:) Our new class rep got belted in front of our HOD for asking her why we were paying 75 for the projector. She made it clear to him that it has to be Ponnan who goes to her to talk about anything related to our class.

He is our king without his empire. :)

Ive left out the biker boys and cool gang of guys from mh out. I will fill it up soon. Oh and ive loads of pictures to put up, memories and it will not be all just me posing on the malampuzha dam. :). But all of them are in my hard disk at home,:( you guys have to wait for it. Similar ones to the being from far far away.

Well, girls up next.