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Im eating Dust…!! And hence some insight..

I’ve been left faaaaar behind by my dear fiend (oops!!) friend, Haris Ibrahim K. V….2300 hits on his blog and a mere 504 on mine…we were just 900 hits apart last at over 4 times the no of hits and a larger no of blog posts and pages, he has left me in the dust..

well…as i told him the other day,while we rumbled along the path behind zanadu on our way to UVS to take printouts etc..which you people know nothing about thanks to my “stubborn” post,

“writing a blog will probably be out dated by the time when our grand children are into the net…probably be by then…it would be a highly advanced HTML 6.0 audio blogging site and WordPress would be among those things that we render obsolete..”

keyboards will be like what floppy drives are to us now..the reason that he feels tempted to blog is probably because he was interested in writing up stuff since he was a kid…at-least im told so…my case is entirely different…i on the other hand, blog because this way more people can be tortured into reading my mind boggling BS…:)…what i am getting at is, it really doesn’t have to be in you to write..find some time, write something up on any random crap that you want your friends to it in your own blog..its more like a Facebook status…if you can do it there, why not here? we have likes and comments too…i do believe along with this comes a responsibility…that, someone somewhere is reading it, and he doesn’t really have to be a friend or someone you could be some random 10 year old kid looking for some “insight into dust” after watching “The Golden Compass”…it could be anyone from around the world looking for something that links with your blog, hoping that the blog will be better than the million forums available, personally i chose the blogs…it feels more personal…dont get me not advising against Facebook, i mean its an amazing software..i love that guy…but hey, blogging is fun too….especially when you see your stats every week and see your no of hits…and especially having no clue who they are..:)

blog on guys…i mean why would any one not spread the fun?