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Status report!

Haris used to ask me this every now and then. And I would usually reply with what I wish was the state of things. Here is the honest state of things so far. Why would you be interested? I don’t know. Feel free to skip to the last. :)

Been working at iLeaf Solutions for the past 2 months. Staying at Olive apartments for the same about of time. Don has joined me at the apartment during the start of this month. He got transferred to TCS here. Yesterday would’ve been the 2 year anniversary of me joining TCS if had no backlogs back then. I may have had a better chance at starting something of my own had i been with my peers from college for the last 2 years. But, Ive certainly met more people and experienced 2 different working environments in the meanwhile. Have made new friends here.

At the moment, I’m working on a personal project, something I thought of myself and pitched here. Its going great, and we are expecting it to be ready for a beta launch halfway through October. Im handling a client project as well on the side. So long as the delivery schedules are met, I dont think they eat your head off. Being a service based firm, Im trying hard for my product to succeed here. My tiff with the university continues, but will clear it up soon. Didnt have the courage to call up Manu. Didnt have the courage to call up most of the people in that condition. Ive shamelessly called up classmates/friends with favors. Again, I would gladly do what I can to help if it were me. Bought an active back home. I shall now learn how to ride a two wheeler.

Still play World of Tanks, read Naruto, started watching a new anime series called Sword art Online. Cousin is growing up to be exactly like me in character. Which is worrying me. Have been told my eyes are powerful and commanding (yeah right!). After Zanadu, ive found a new place here called Ameera. Slightly better food and place but, similar in basics. Closes down on Sundays, do have to roam around for food.

All in all, life on earth goes on as usual. Still think I made a wrong turn somewhere around the Andromeda Galaxy. But, no regrets what so ever. Eventually, its not how you have managed to survive. But whom you chose to be and be with that matters.


About Manu Mohan

Just another 20yr old...With a screwed up college life and feels hes doesn't fit in..:)

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