This ones from December of 2011..sitting in my drafts collecting digital dust…

Now, what the hell is that? Before I start of, this isn’t a I hate Facebook thing. I am not there anymore. Been there done that. True, social networks aren’t really needed for you to keep in touch with those who you want to keep in touch with. But I hate it when people aren’t responsible enough about their actions. I know the numbers of those who I would like to ring up even if I’m in an environment with no digital gadgets to memorize the numbers for me. Its the level of commitment that you are willing to put in for them that defines friendship. What if you are a person who likes to stay in touch with only a couple of people that you really care about? Who cares, really. Its your friends and you decide who you would like to be your friends. Yes you have a reason to say when you are friends with someone on facebook. “Its just on facebook. We aint that close.” I had 200 friends there and i don’t remember most of them. but yes the few that i still call by phone are the exception. Extroverts like me use social networks to keep in touch with people they know, they’ve spoken to, they’ve seen, they’ve wanted to meet and a lot more. I would certainly like to cherish memories i had with my class mates back in Doha, and i would love to do that with my college. And if social networks are the only way to do it, i will be sure to do that. Memories with a lot of people in it is more valuable than all the fun you could have with a select few in them. “More the merrier” ain’t it? Its the extend that you are willing to go to that defines your friendship with someone. I know i know “Youve gotta know when to say no.” Thats alright for most people may be. but to me, thats just not possible. Even if the person is a mere acquaintance, and i can actually say yes, i would.

you made sure that you had that marsh with in a locked safe with a biometric password which is you bloody eye!! you must have had a close friend’s bloody eye with the alt password…and also a cry recognized by him wen you are in trouble..relax bro…for all you know, your friend had foreseen the suicide and might be there deep in the quagmire in his aqua lungs…he probably has a back door installed deep within all the muck…trust him…go through the muck…he will pull you out the other side…

Now in real life if you do that “Its just the class and we ain’t that close”, now that’s a huge load of bullshit right there. I mean be an introvert and stop talking to people who you wouldn’t want to be your friends-for-life or friends at all for that matter. They will leave you alone. And you shall continue you life being happy with the select few Gems that you would treasure for the rest of you life.


Haris should remember the lines in the quotes. I thought I was being crystal clear of what I meant. Apparently not :) and sorry for the trip down memory lane.


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Just another 20yr old...With a screwed up college life and feels hes doesn't fit in..:)

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