I’ve had it up till here with you, you stupid noobs!

Exciting as it may be to work for a very dynamic, young group of people, there are some disadvantages to it. The plan of action is ever changing and if you drop out for a couple of days, you are out of the loop. I’ve learnt a few things though. Including but not limited to, businesses are never run to help anyone but thyself. Give not any word because you are sure as hell not gonna be able to keep it. There will always be that one guy who hates you and man its a bitch when he decides to quit. Getting things done is the major priority, nothing else matters till then, no later how many end up hating you, you must get shit done.  My HOD is quite pissed at me because her daughter didn’t clear the interview for a job at this place. Like what was I supposed to do if there were jobs before the interview and none after it (not having taken anyone)

Couple of things I always wanted to do once I got a job remain unaccomplished. I wanted get my own hosting space and put my blog up in there was one or them. Getting an android phone to test my applications another. Getting pizza once a month another..:)

Trivandrum is a nice place and all..but it’s like a second tier city. Peaceful and beautiful as it may be, the people in it are not ready to pick a side yet. They are at a border with one leg into the city life and the other in an entirely different mind set.

Started using whatsapp recently and got to talk to a lot of people whom I would otherwise have not. This led me to think about how it works on the iPhone because background processes are frowned up on and things you need to do to get an app through to the appstore is epic. The only reason, I think, for them to have so many developers must have something to do with the language and framework. Obj C is another that I learned while at this place and it was awesome. Realized you don’t really need to know Java all that much to code for android as well.

I’m embarking on a quest to learn python. I should’ve started a long time ago but what the hell.

I’ve always wondered if KSRTC didn’t want to be more efficient. I mean shouldn’t public transportation encourage people to use it?I don’t understand why technology is alien to the government, the bank where records are kept In writing and on the servers. Redundancy level is over 9000! I’m sure every one would’ve thought of improving certain aspects of things around us, that affect us. But why don’t we do it? Electricity is scarce. Power holiday ruined 3 packets of milk the other day not to mention the 2hours that it’s slacking off daily. Third world country and all, no water either, but come on!

The amount of paper that’s wasted confounds me too. I think the ATM feels it should give me some sort of output that I can take home and review if it can’t dispense money. Why would I want a piece of paper that says “Unable to process request”? The most retarded part is, it asks in advance if I want a printed receipt. To which no matter what you say, if it doesn’t have money you get this print. I’m pretty sure all it has to do is do a if(userWantsPrint) print(); Then there are the swipe and enter magnetic locks on all the doors. Can’t remember an ATM where it worked. (they have implemented this now in the most annoying way possible since then)

Another most annoying thing is retards on the road. Of course you are gonna screw up if you overtake a one lane traffic block in a two lane road. But that’s bearable. When people on bikes try to overtake the guy overtaking is when everything gets welded in place. Shouldn’t I wait a bit? Nooo…I’m too machismo for that!

If you have reached here and have actually bothered to read through it, comment below..I owe you a drink..:) I’ve left this company of mine I speak about about 5 months back  and the reasons are better left untold.
Typed this up in one up sometime last yea..atleast 10 months old..on one of those bus journeys from my home to Trivandrum.. One more such post to follow..

And Haris, this is not raging about the social media this time.


About Manu Mohan

Just another 20yr old...With a screwed up college life and feels hes doesn't fit in..:)

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  1. Good to have you back doing what you do best :) Keep ’em coming..

  2. Absolutely not. I felt some chronological distortion had occcured when I started reading it, but towards the end realized this was a ten month old post. I still have those messages that you sent me which is in line with what you have written. Even if not the social media rage, boy, you sure are on a rage spree.

    I agree though, sometimes it feels good to just vent out.

    Love going through each of your posts. As ponnapz said, bring it on pops!

  3. On the bright side, I can count on not owing more than a couple of drinks..:)

    This will soon get boring..ill run out of stiff to write here..I think ill limit this to once a week or whenever I feel that must-share-a-piece-of-my-mind urges..lets see..

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