Arattupuzha and the bus ride on the beach(literally (well may be)..

Boarded a bus that goes an different route to Trivandrum.. This one goes via arattupuzha and goes around the Kayamkulam traffic what so ever..can’t do more than 30kmph though..for the past 15 mins, I was the only one on the bus apart from the driver and the conductor who was very reluctant to let me on.. And the bus just got on to the beach road..I’ve the sea to my right and amen in my head..:) I’m taking this bus from now on..

I see women spinning coir ropes, men coming back from the sea, kids jumping around pups or kids for that matter..there was a paramettan memorial trophy football tournament here 19-26.. You would think I’m talking about a place very far away from home.. This place must be at max 5-6kms away.. Still I see much less flex boards than I would otherwise see on the highway..

20m away from the seashore! There is no road anymore..this just keeps getting better.. Turning away from the seashore now.

I would’ve reached my first checkpoint on the highway by now. I paid more, and this takes 40mins more as well..

We are turning around now at arattupuzha. It seems there never was any road, at least for the most part. There’s the sea to my left and the lake to my right.. I don’t think they have met..:)

On other news, the headsets I ordered from Flipkart were faulty and found this out on Friday. I’m getting a replacement soon. Got a new hard disk for dads laptop. Still hunting for a hdd recovery specialist.. Printer that dad bought from Doha  needs a regional reset so I can buy ink from here. Damned HP being an insecure lil kid.. I wonder if there are any printers that are more liberal.. :/

Well, here are some of the pics.


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Just another 20yr old...With a screwed up college life and feels hes doesn't fit in..:)

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