I’m a little hesitant in expressing myself ove the internet I guess

I’m a little hesitant in expressing myself to everyone, I guess more than two people throws off my natural cool. This time, last week(I’m not sure how that will work until we have time travel, but for the sake of future me, lets go on) I had written something quite long on my phone during my return from home. Now, sitting in a crammed seat with two big bellied kids hanging on the arm rest of my seat for dear life, I write this because I felt I should pen down my thoughts. Lets just say I’m lazy as fuck to put this on my blog.

I’ve started listening to music on long bus rides. I seem to have the same playlist always. Avial, Hey Jude and Yellow Submarine by Beatles and Too old to die young by Brother Dege. And when that starts repeating, I move on to Linkin Park and Basshunter followed by Enigma and Evanescence. I never thought I would be listening to music for so long.

On other news, I’ve started on two new languages last week. Not French and Russian as I’ve always wanted, but on python and ruby. Lets see where I’ll start wishing I’d started on Arabic.

My online gaming disorder is on full steam ahead. I don’t know if ill stop playing it in say another couple of years. This week, I improved my in game rating by one. Some of you may remember the world of tanks we fought side by side in my dream.:)


At this point, one of the kids elbowed me in the eyes. Its good to know I’ve not become so grumpy as to be angry at them.

I recently saw My Boss. Entertaining as it may be, I shut my laptop down 10mins into the movie. Why do we have to rip off Hollywood? The Proposal that came out in 2009 is the one I’m talking about. Its the exact same story, going through the exact same scenes for 80% of the time. If you don’t consider the Antihero in the mallu version. What I don’t get is, why people think a family entertainer has to have a antihero to hate. And a fight scene also all those stupid songs and dance alongs.. But of course the heroine has to have some sentimental background so we feel sorry for her. God! How ever it is true that had I seen My Boss before The proposal, I wouldn’t have hated is so much. This is what happened with Big B. I saw Four Brothers after I saw Big B. Well it’s sad..

I’ve reached Kollam now and my playlist has ended. Now playing Eternal by Evanescence. Time to sleep!


About Manu Mohan

Just another 20yr old...With a screwed up college life and feels hes doesn't fit in..:)

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