Haven’t blogged in a while like I used to, I am a bit rusty and here is me having a go at it again:)

Irani, until lately, to me was this nice little restaurant near my cousins home where he had contacts and could get away with an empty wallet may be a couple of times.. Good food there and we used to buy food to take home and at times eat there..

I’m friends with food enthusiasts at work and I felt right at home:P So naturally, there was the talk about good food places and what their specialties were.. After a lot of unheard names and delicacies, Irani came up..I thought to myself, hey I know that one..So, over exited me, jumps to the occasion,not rises but jumps, and says “Isn’t it that nice little place in Poojappura? I didn’t know it had a special dish.” Turns out, there is an Irani at Vellayambalam and they serve great food of a van..I’m like “”

This was a couple of weeks ago and we all decided to go there once..last week, came such an occasion where we decided to go there..Here is a timeline

I don’t know what to expect from a van..I’m about to be taught its not just some van.

We leave from office and “Iraniyil povualle?”(don’t have Malayalam on my windows phone..) was heard as an “ashareeri”..(Joe said..”only voice, no video”). So four of us me, Labeeb, Joe, and Akhil, all of us hungry unanimously vote “Yes”..but they get there only by 7.30..(danmed mobile restaurant, i thought). So we decide to walk all the way there..its probably 3 or 4 kms from our office..well, the idea was not to get there before 7.30

Well, at least sometime around that, we reach Kanakunnu Kottaram, and spent some time going through the art exhibition there.. The theme was Bio Diversity, lots of abstract paintings and ones with in depth and Joe started naming ones that were not named.. Labeeb mean while found one with Life of Pi tiger and the dude aged around 50..

300 paintings and a very hungry growl later, we got out of the Palace and off to the van with food.. We reach there sometime later and order “Irani Special”,Dosa for two and porotta for two.. He mentioned it would be 10mins since the pan was not warm enough.. We were quite hungry by then and we decide to wait at the steps of the HSBC bank atm.

Our stomachs were growling synchronously like those synchronous swimmers in the Olympics. Labeeb decides to buy a simple beef fry and have it while we wait. But the dude wont let us buy anything “ippo readyavum..oru patthu minute.” We go back to waiting.. But this time, we were giving the pan all the moral support it needed..

The pan was still not hot..(pan being a 3′ x 2′ dosa kallu) hence all the time.. Me and Akhil moved closer to the pan and kept looking at it.. There was entertainment as well, the chef chopped away onions like an artist.. He kept telling us the same thing the dude at the cash told.. We could take it no more.. The main reason was the aroma of fried, roasted and curried things that we did not order..grr..

8.30ish (losing track of time around now)
The pan was finally hot.. Chef did the usual oil painting over it and we assured ourselves, there comes our Irani Special.. The chef instead started baking dosas.. Well, its for us..we ordered dosa for two..”all is well”…

5mins and 25dosas later, the chef did the oil painting all over again and poured batter for 75% of the space..Ah finally Irani Special on that 25%, thought us..But no! He poured batter over it as well..Now hes just messing with us!

Next round
Irani special! Chopped onion, chilli, salt and loads of pepper..while it was being turned brown(i’ve no clue what this process is called..i shouldnt blog anymore..) he goes inside the van to get our beef chilli, and puts it on top of the onion, 5 eggs cracked open like an expert also goes into the mixture.. The aroma was epic partly because we were all beef enthusiasts and partly because our stomach would take in almost anything at that point..

We are given our share of the amazing Irani Special and maan, we gobbled it like we had not seen food in weeks.. Labeeb ordered the normal beef fry as well..let me tell you the next beef fry was the highlight of the whole evening..That beef made all the difference in the world to me..

I went home with a skip in my steps and once home, I sat on the sofa like I was in bliss till it was time to go to bed..Wow what a day i thought drifting away into oblivion..:)

Near Kanakakkunnu Palace

This is right outide the Palace and my camera has failed to capture the real beauty..Us at Irani

The one who took the pic is me and this time, i failed to capture all 4 of us..:P

We went there twice that week after that day.. We ordered Irani Special never after that.. More restaurant adventures soon..:)


About Manu Mohan

Just another 20yr old...With a screwed up college life and feels hes doesn't fit in..:)

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  1. now that’s more like it :)
    I do miss kerala man…

  2. and by the way, you are not aging?? :P

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