Obj C adventures

A month into the job and I realized how awesome obj c and i now see why apple gets so many developers. You get a huge amount of flexibility working with views and view controllers, not to mention arrays.
self.navigationcontroller.viewcontrollers gives you the whole list of viewcontrollers you have pushed on to the navigation controller in an array. You can get data pushed on to each page by navigating to [self.navigationcontroller.viewcontrollers objectAtIndex:index] where index is the index of the pushed view controller. There is no need for a shared datastore or a static variable accessible from anywhere in the code. Dynamic typing of arrays to such an extend where you can add anything in the whole coding-verse as an element in the NSArray object;

more on it soon :P

And yes, i put a semicolon at the end..


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Just another 20yr old...With a screwed up college life and feels hes doesn't fit in..:)

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  1. Having too much flexibility can lead to bad coding practices. But this does sound interesting that Objective C is easy. Might start working on it soon myself. Learning Android now.

    • Well, bad codes didnt make it to the market..seems apple made sure the early developers were tamed by making them deallocate objects, each and every one of them, manually before it was into the market..now we have ARC or automatic reference counting(or control not really sure :P loo lazy to google it). Yeah, its simple and easy..well, its fun..starting a project on android tomorrow..:P

      • Let me know how it goes. Android has been pretty good so far to me. But Eclipse seems to be taking some time to get adjusted to. Meanwhile – I’m using Linux Mint to run Tomcat and that’s being such a @#%!@^$

        • Finally, big boy is on Linux!

        • Never had anything against Linux except that it’s butt ugly in making things easy for the user. Generic error messages that say “Error occurred” or complex error messages that say “Code 12312.v3 in E.cccc3 not 2d” doesn’t help either. And there’s an abundance of that when I use Linux. Mint has been alright, and it’s been the machine I’ve been coding with for a while – and it has a lot of annoyances. Not letting me know when something’s not working is one of the biggest pains.

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