Day one

Day one at my first job is what follows..

Wake up from deep sleep like that tiny inner voice, yes the one we never listen to, just bought a mega phone.. Take bath, wake up cousin who is asleep, mess with elder cousin’s head, who is about to have her interview to assistant manager’s post..

Read Labeeb’s message, “wear formals, call Munni by 9.30”. Walk restlessly, to and fro on the veranda till 8.45.

Call Munni at 9, ask her if I should take anything.. Leave home at 9.30 with nothing but a pen and my phone:)

Reached the place at 10, meet people, talk with the new guys there and when Labeeb was identified as “iPhone alle?”, i realised I would be called something similar like “onnumariyilla alle?” :)

At this point in this post, I am too tired to scroll up and check for errors and stuff on this phone, on screen keyboard doesn’t allow me to use the whole screen I have..

So, there is Joe, Rickson, Rex, Akhil, Munni, and lots of others whose names have slipped away from my useless brain.. Me, Labeeb and Joe spent 2 hours on random blabberring about anything under the silicon sun..

At about 12, we decide to split, have lunch some where which shall be followed by a movie, Life of pi.. :)

After reserving ticket for us, we go to the nearby watering hole and ask for lemonsoda one sweet and one with salt..he misheard us and the end product was a sugary lemonsoda which had a slight hint of salt in it..:)

Movie was amazing btw the twist at the end was superb..

We decide to go to our new office premises near Pattom and its a whole floor above the Nokia care centre there..big enough place and all, being furnished and set up..we met Manoj there and had coffee shortly, followed by random blabber..

At 6.30pm I left Labeeb on the steps of the cafe downstairs to our Pattom office, where he and Manoj awaited the arrival of our new Mac Minis..


About Manu Mohan

Just another 20yr old...With a screwed up college life and feels hes doesn't fit in..:)

Posted on December 3, 2012, in Piece of my mind.. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Awesome dude, all the best. But dude, macs?? seriously?? :p

  2. Hmm… Too much work for day 1 at a company. I really should write and tell them to be gentler towards new recruits.

  3. Sriram Keerthi M K

    Day 2: Macs utterly useless. Will throw them away and purchase PCs with Win/Linux multiboot.
    Day 3: It’s dark in here. Apple will not take the Macs back. I feel my life slipping away.

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