Status report

Claw-ber man used to ask me until very recently “Status Report.” And I would reply something like working on a windows phone app or, catching up on android and stuff like that.

Well, here’s the truth since I left college… Random stuff really…

I had been putting off the thought of a job as I had supplies to clear and all that… Well, always had a shimmer of hope to get into TCS. Who wouldn’t want a safety feature? Well, this one came at a cost of 6000 bucks, which I paid to the placement cell. It didn’t work out. They wanted people who had got 60%+ with no supplies, I qualified neither and in their defense, they wouldn’t want people taking leave to write exams all the time. And knowing our university, the exams will be postponed any way. So, I learned the hard truth around first week of August, that I must let it go.

I don’t remember when but I had applied by email to Bangalore based company, Moonraft, somewhere in between, and this was a referral from one of our seniors which reached our group via Haris.

Around the second week of August (or was it July? hmm…), I along with a friend had gone to an interview. I just wanted a good start (and it was… I said no to them! They wanted me sooo bad :P) The interview was for a BPO based in Bombay and the phone interviewer asked extremely complex questions like “What is IP?” to which the guys there answered from a book given to them by the HR guys, as “Internet Protocol, it is the language used by computers on the net to communicate with one another.” I left there; it was a morale booster never the less.

Late August, Home

So, I’m sitting at home doing nothing actually, playing World of Tanks, making a couple of apps for windows phone seven, answering Haris’s “status report”, doing nothing much to be honest and one day, he rang me up to ask me who all would be interested in a job, a teaching specific one… I name a few that came to my mind and that is how I came across Good Methods Global. Haris forwarded a mail from Labeeb Mattra explaining he wanted guys interested in mobility development.

Early September, Home/Hospital

I mailed Labeeb, not knowing how to approach him… Should I be formal, friendly, how do I introduce myself? May be as Haris’s friend? No clue on how to get it started, but man, his reply made it way simpler. He rang me up later and told me what he was looking for and I said was interested! So, he told me to ring up a guy named Abilash at Trivandrum and told he was expecting my call. I did and he told me to meet him in person and we set up a meeting for 18th last month.

17th September, Home

I ask Labeebka, what should I expect tomorrow?  I meant I didn’t know if it was a friendly I-need-to-know-who-I-am-hiring meet or was it an interview where I would have to prove I’m worth it. My mark lists were not exactly jumping out of the sheet… I told this to Labeebka and he replied “F@#k mark lists, you meet him tomorrow, tell him you are interested, show him your apps, tell him you can catch up on android within a month.” I smiled the broadest one on reading his reply.

18th September, Trivandrum

Rang up Rahul Raj and from 9.30am till 11 I keep calling up this dude, then he calls me back up around 11.15 in a very drowsy voice and he tells me we will meet up around 12.30.. I was smiling already, I mean he’s not very up tight on waking up in the morning then J . So, I rang up Labeebka in between and he also called me back (was probably asleep, when I did ring him). He gives me a small intro on Abilash, He co-founded GMG, and he is a little crazy J

I didn’t know where to go with that.

Anyways, around 1, I had to eventually go up to his apartment and there was a pug named Rajeev Menon… Mental me burst out laughing :D. Well, we headed out to Café Coffee Day and what followed was amazing. It was not an interview… I spoke at maximum 5% throughout the entire conversation. It was er… him telling me a lot of new words, phrases, ideologies, that I had never heard before.  He eventually told me to get back to him telling if I was interested. I realized then, college did nothing more than give me friends who helped me build my skill set.

Well, this left me with a lot of time on my hands and sometime that day, I get a call from Moonraft telling me I have an interview that Friday at Bangalore. But I really wanted to work with these guys at Trivandrum. I needed the money too… What if Moonraft made an offer that was too hard to turn down?

Thursday, Bangalore

I rang those guys up at Bangalore because Thursday was a hartaal at Bangalore and asked if it was possible to postpone and stuff… Let’s say this guy was not exactly future-employee friendly.

Well, Rhithwik was more than happy to help me out, we went around on his bike for about a good 200kms the three days I was there. Anyway, Moonraft was a half way point between the guys at Trivandrum and corporate kissassery giants. I make it through the preliminary test, spoke with our senior there, and then went on to my interview. I guess I didn’t do very well.

I didn’t know about it till Tuesday evening that I didn’t get in. They didn’t tell me anything about it till I inquired with our senior there.

It’s an amazing work environment, let me tell you. If you think you have it in you, apply for it. I had fun with the test and also the interview…

Today, Home

I’ve been working on android and its amazing fun now. But, I guess I’ll have to do more if I am to be sharing my knowledge and all that. I have a job at GMG and Ill join them soon.

Things I would say to you those who are not going to be joining TCS or don’t have a “Campus Selected” Tag over you, keep these three things in mind

  1. Make friends.
  2. Build a skill set.
  3. Speak you mind and make sure you are worthy enough to be heard.

I’m still working on the last one.


About Manu Mohan

Just another 20yr old...With a screwed up college life and feels hes doesn't fit in..:)

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  1. How’s Android going? :)

  2. Pretty cool..loads of cool stuff to make with all the capabilities and stuff..only thing is though, why java?grr..soon ill be exploring more about NDKs..:P

  3. great post man. so have you joined? how are things? hope you are having a good time

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