Screw up, have some fun while at it

Today, I spent 1 hour fixing something which in the end gave me satisfaction, and a fixed product obviously…but if I were to go to the shop and buy a new one, for 100rs, I would’ve been less satisfied for sure, but with travel expenses and of course candy expense, would’ve been around 200bucks less a wealthy man..

How much did I cost me to fix it? For real, a nut, a bolt, and say a rupee worth of electricity for the angle grinder… But wait, this sounds like it should’ve taken me couple of minutes to do it. That’s the thing, the fun is in hunting your tools cupboard for the right nut, bolt and screw driver… and when you do not find the right one for your size, you improvise by bringing the grinder into the picture… The bolt that fit the kitchen scissors I was trying to fix was too long to make it look nice (you wouldn’t want a long piece of threaded metal rod sticking out)… grind it short, put it in, fix the cover back on a voila, we have our old kitchen scissors back, it’s been in the family for over 12 years :).. Of course had I a riveting tool, it would’ve taken around 30s of my time…

What am I getting at, having the right tools for the job is one thing, you will find optimum time spent on it, you can move on to other things, find time to play a game, write a blog.. But the satisfaction in screwing up, you will never get it. which is why I’m sure we have bugs in the computer world, what’s the fun if you got it right on the first go, your friends don’t get to make fun, clients don’t get to withdraw funding, you don’t spent nights drinking coffee/beer/chocolate coding..


Screw up, get a life!


About Manu Mohan

Just another 20yr old...With a screwed up college life and feels hes doesn't fit in..:)

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  1. back with a bang :)

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