Digital black out

Hotmail has blocked me out.

My hotmail account, which I’ve always been reluctant to give out when someone asks for it outside of school, has been blocked by hotmail. Why? Seems my account is the source of spam all over the world!

Things I miss: account – so if they send a mail “respond to this or we will shut down your blog”, I wouldn’t know account – all other sorts of “important” game accounts accounts alternate accounts alternate account – and I lose 500rs because of this, couldn’t get refund of last undelivered purchase!
Subscriptions to Haris’s and Sharat’s blogs – now I never know when they do post something
Mails from my first crush – not really upset about it come to think of it…hmm
My old online banking account – I had to fix it account – can’t avail a refund if they screw up
Abacus mailing list

What do I learn from this? My individuality if linked to a dang mail account!

When I did try to get it fixed, they needed me to verify if it really was me. I’m sure you all would’ve heard the Chaplin story… if you haven’t, it went thusly (never used that word, felt cool: P) Chaplin came 3rd in a competition for Chaplin look alike. So, Hotmail says I’m not me or at least

We recently received a request to recover your Microsoft account manu_ph**** Unfortunately, we were unable to verify your ownership of this account using the information you provided. Microsoft takes the security and privacy of your personal information very seriously, and we are committed to protecting the personal information of customers. We have taken the additional step of blocking your account manu_ph**** until we can verify you as the account owner. This will prevent any further use of the account, and protect you from any possible malicious activity.

Why not fix each of those? Cant be bothered to do all of that.. Make a new with new accounts!

I will never learn..


About Manu Mohan

Just another 20yr old...With a screwed up college life and feels hes doesn't fit in..:)

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  1. so what’s your new id? and do migrate to, it’s awesome!

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