Yup just had a treat from No-one on getting placed in Sourcebits. 20 guys and 2000 bucks from his wallet later, im left to think about the whole idea of giving treats an stuff. I mean he had asked in class to give a combined treat to all of us. i mean  we would be paying for our own food and to have the fun/privilege/honor of eating it with everyone. Last year in college and everything, i would expect everyone of us to jump up to give it off. Well, it seems we aren’t all that happy. I mean the whole idea of giving treat is to share the happiness that we have attained from something. I mean why would you want to have it all alone? Share it, its better that way. I hate the attitude of giving a treat because  you HAVE to, and not because you WANT to. Ofcourse attending the treat too is for both the hosts’ and our happiness. I mean, I came for the treat and it cost me 115 bucks just before the treat and i ate for less than that. The idea “want to not have to” works here too. Besides, if i hadnt come for his treat, i would have been at home, in bed and sleeping like a hog till the next day. Because i came for it, i went later to the A – Zone competitions accompanying Sunil and  Valsan, I still could’ve gone straight home. I enjoyed it there. Running around, helping my friends out, getting them oranges from my fly infested wallet. Most of it is just me i suppose. Isnt the category “Piece of my mind” ?

I believe the first people you should invite are those who stepped down so that you may attain your happiness. All those who almost got it, but thought better of it and let you have it. :) ofcourse there will be those who arent among your favorites list, but why would that get in your way of giving away your happiness? Again, its just me I suppose. I would do this, probably. I wouldnt insist on doing this on your birthday treats because you probably just want those who you are close with. Any other treat, send out a mega invite. Treat all those who come. Money is a problem aint it? i dont think people will not chip in just for you arranging the place and reason for everyone to get together. I certainly would’ve. Again its just me.

Its all me i suppose. Well, thanks to No-one. I enjoyed it.


About Manu Mohan

Just another 20yr old...With a screwed up college life and feels hes doesn't fit in..:)

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