printf(“We Had One Heck of a Day”)

Yes time for another fun and amazing trip to the print out functions..

The reason for the journey.. Of-course we have a reason.. The whole reason for it is a seminar report which I was supposed to prepare like 3 months back.. No.. What do you mean “Then what is the problem??”.. I started yesterday didn’t i? To be submitted today.. Did i finish it before the rise of the sun today? Of-course not. What is the fun in doing everything on time..?

10.50 am

Sit in the upstairs class and start typing up the remaining 15 pages of my seminar report. I mean why does it have to be at least 40 pages? I’ve a good 20 pages now. Thinking along these lines, I started the copy-past scenario all over again. Of-course nothing comes easy… My life. the indenting goes wrong or the margin is messed up or something along those lines.

12.00 pm

Continue sitting there and copy-pasting my seminar paper.

1.00 pm

Finish it just as Economics sir comes in to the class. Certain that I am going to miss it, I decide to take print outs of it and submit it to Ambika ma’am. I hear that she is in a good mood today and believed that my under achieving report will make it through if I gave it today.

1.10 pm

Here starts my journey. We need print outs and Roja is the nearest place to get them from. The guy there how ever starts to pull out his hair if ive 33000 files in my .Trash folder as he’s very sure that my flash drive will contain VIRUS! So, having formatted my flashy and put my files in, I leave for Roja with an extremely irritated Hawkeye with me. What do you know.. Its closed! :) I know I know.. You think Im just making this up.. Believe me im not.

1.15 pm

Get to Zanadu and buy a Coke and veg puff. walk to Daffodils about half a km away from Zanadu (the nearby source of recharge cards and most edible stuff). Daffodils is lifeline no. 2 for print outs and stuff. not very efficient there. Guess what? Its closed too!!

1.30 pm

We walk back towards the bus stop near Zanadu, and see the bus arriving in the distance. Hawkeye says let’s go to Olavakkod. I tell him lets got to Colony and of we went. We ran to make it to the bus and barely did. 1.45 was the time and it was boiling hot.


We reached colony or the stop before the stop that we actually wanted to get down at. Why you ask? Well, on any other given day, the bus would’ve halted there for 5 minutes and then gone on. But today, (yes) it left as soon as we got down.

2.00 pm

Walking towards the place where me and Clawber-man took our mini project print outs from, me and Hawkeye kept looking at the closed shops and wrote our destiny. “We are not going to be able to submit these today” thought us. And yes Bamboo Cafe was closed, the one just before it is closed, the cafe a little further away is closed. Some day huh? We gave up. Tired and sweaty, we got into an auto and decided to go back to hostel.

2.20 pm

It was like the auto had some magical maniacal powers to give to me that made me fixate on giving the report today itself. Having made up my mind, i ask the auto guy to stop near Roja. I decide to got to the guys house and make him take it for us. He knew better and didn’t come out of his house at all.

2.35 pm

Went to Zanadu, bought 70 A4 Sheets and thought i would take print outs form College labs. I go to the one with the Laser printer. :)
Mrs. Usha K
Asst. Professor
was sitting at the system on to which it was connected and told me “Not now.”

“I will not give up.” told to Hawkeye. I waited for a while to think about what to do next. Went to the next lab adjacent to it. Saw Shibu sir and told him the thing. His colleague wasnt interested in helping us out. I kept at it and finally they cracked. Sir told me that there is a Dot matrix next door and we shall see..

2.45 pm

He set it up there and we turned on the system. I realized that the system did not have Office (good thing we dint install it, which would only have wasted another half an hour). He gave a test print from the terminal and guess what? Out of toner!! :)

2.55 pm

Gave up on our departments labs, I went to the cafe and decided to convert my documents from .docx to .pdf. Well, what if it helps. (we shall soon see). I ask the cafe guy to help me out, let us print it. “Rs 3 per page” told him without the slightest hint of helpful good nature that i expected from him.

3.05 pm

Hawkeye goes home. He has had enough. He had prepared his report 4 days ahead. The only problem was he didn’t get the formats. Now, people who got the format the day before submitted and he couldn’t even though most of them started way after him. I decide to stick around Roja and give it one last shot.

3.10 pm

Roja is a mysterious place with many characteristics. They have a board advertising what all they do do and always keeps it outside the fence if they are open. I mean if he is open, it’s just a guy. It wasnt there when I walked to it. Disheartened and having nothing to do, I decide to walk to it anyway… Yaaaaaaay…! Its open..!!! Can you believe it?? I couldn’t. I messaged Hawkeye that its open.

3.15 pm

I see the guy fiddling with the machine, my divine machine that can produce print outs and photostats of anything. My Lord, the Holy Canon. After giving him my pleasantries, i gave  my flashy to the guy. He looks at my rusty old Transcend, 7-year-old beauty and asked “what the hell is this!!”. I ignored his ignorance and incapability to understand the emotional attachment i had to it. :)

3.20 pm

I see that the message i send to Hawkeye was not sent. I resend it and called him soon after. He told he has almost reached his hostel and shall come back soon. So i return to see My Lord at work. The guy asked me what to print, i told him the smallest among the multiple files.
He gives it for print. Finally! We both looked at the machine for a while nothing happens.
He removes it from the queue and give the .pdf for print. This is it! We both look at it for a while again (oh not again!!!). Nothing happens.
“Ah man. Not now. Not after all this” thought poor ol’ me. Hawkeye arrives and I think about what to tell him. he just walked around 1 km for no reason at all if this doesn’t work.

3.25 pm

He decides to switch it off and on and then try to do it. He gave the pdf for print again.
Please let this work. Nothing happens even now.
He gives it one more time. The machine whirred into action. “Yes!” i almost screamed out loud. Guess what? Those print outs where not mine, and they were queued long before.
He gives the pdf again. I knew it would happen this time. And it did. Warm printed paper landed on to the landing bay! “yooouhooooo!”

3.35 pm

Me and Hawkeye having our print outs taken walk towards the department to get the thing over with, and when she was going through it, I realized the grave grave thing that had happened. The converter had removed most of my formatting, transfigured my figures and made my table illegible. “I will have to go over this all over again.” Thinking along these lines, i explained to her what had happened. But, I swear man, she was a changed woman. Such kindness such amazing understanding peaceful forgiving vibes that were coming from her. I thought I had travelled to another realm!

3.45 pm

Yes..Done! almost 6 hours of tedious running around and typing up random BS, I completed my seminar report. Accepted without major modifications by my guide and I had good fun looking back at it.


About Manu Mohan

Just another 20yr old...With a screwed up college life and feels hes doesn't fit in..:)

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  1. I could make a living out of screwing up things!

    • I would say you’re already living off it!
      Things that CANNOT have a line between them in ‘match the following’:

      Manu – Ubuntu.
      Manu – Printouts.
      Manu – Wolverine (or Haris, for that matter)
      Manu – Time (A big NO here!)

      Etc, etc… I’ll come to filling this later.

  2. ahem ahem..well,i think its an incomplete description of the day

  3. Yeah… Something tells me that it was not his personal will power that drove him to take the printouts… He he..

  4. Something or every-one? :)

  5. Haris,i meant his day was not perfect even after his successful submission of the report..n what is this ‘something’??

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