Ubuntu: Terminal transparency issue

Upgraded to Ubuntu 11.10 last month. And i intended to post this back then. But of-course time got the better of me. I kept thinking yesterday was tomorrow. Anyway, lets get on to the issue.

Issue: Transparency in terminal shows the desktop background rather than the window underneath.

SoulMazers Bad terminal
The image above was found in a post by SoulMazer in UbuntuForums.

What i did: Endless Googling for it and looking around in Ubuntu forums is what i did. I even asked the tech guru here for a solution. Tech guru seemed to think it was the Nvidia driver problem. I didnt know where to get it from, so left if for a week. Ubuntu forums kept telling me its the compiz problem.

Finally found my solution at askubuntu.com. Man, i thanked Jonathan a million times(in my mind).

Solution: Paste in terminal: gconftool-2 -s ‘/apps/metacity/general/compositing_manager’ –type bool true

What you have done is enable composting in metacity. This worked for me after the first restart. Hope it does for you too!


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