Yes ive removed Windows 7 Home Premium and installed Natty…i dont hate it yet…At least ill stop wasting my time on windows…more in Linux adventures..


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Just another 20yr old...With a screwed up college life and feels hes doesn't fit in..:)

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  1. Windows 7 actually is a very good OS. at the moment it’s far better than ubuntu natty.

    • Its not because i like ubuntu over windows 7…its because my mbr went missing and no recovery tool seemed to like my hard disk partitions…so,after 4 days of failed attempts at fixing it, i thought why not??!…it does everything that windows 7 does for me..or rather everything i demand of it…besides, trouble shooting is immense fun..:)

  2. Come on!! We are talking about the ‘informativity’ and ‘growth’! I mean if you’re just planning to use the gui with any linux distribution, then saying that Windows is better is fine. But when you lock horns with the command line and try to get things working from there, you do learn a lot. :)

    And guys! Ubuntu, be it Natty or whatever, is not the only linux distro that is lying around. I have at the moment 6 OSs on my 160GB Hard disk. So think how many a 500GB hard disk can hold!

    • :) dude, after a year or two, you will find me posting similar comments on others blogs…im a noob to linux..ive never had a distro installed for more that 4 days without deleting and re installing it…

      Let this transition transform my pov…

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