i was planning on writing about all the things that went into getting my rough copy of project report..ive decided not to…the memory has been tampered…


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Just another 20yr old...With a screwed up college life and feels hes doesn't fit in..:)

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  1. nobody said i couldnt comment on the thing here… :)

    well…here goes the entire story…

    The entire thing starts off one fine day when Anuraj sir tells our project report is too “cumbersome”(as don said the other day), and that he would like to have the report in hard copy. This was something that affected my mini project group and my future main project group… I decide i should do something in the entire span of our mini project and decide to take print out… I mean how hard can it be..?a walk to roja will suffice..

    The walk to roja..
    Well of we go, me and Haris on to roja around 12..he had called jinu to come as well..we found roja closed..we saw him walk the long and tiresome walk to roja…but do we call him and tell him its closed…?nooooo…i mean what would give us the infinitesimal pleasure of seeing him walk…?:) well he arrives, we brief him on the current state he rings up Mr Roja and finds out he will not be open till tomorrow..

    The walk to UVS..
    we got intelligence information that a nearby netcafe provides print out…off we go with our pendrives to UVS, to take print outs..Its is open!! yes!! everything is solved..we walk in, and flash out our flashdrives…he smiles them away…literally…i mean, all his 8 systems running xp, has all their usb ports disabled via hardware…!!aint that awsome…

    I decide to go back to my hostel and haris says he will be back around by 12.30 at the turning to daffodils and we could go hunting for a print together…well obviously, it would be too easy if i had nothing else to do…had to make a copy of windows and gave to sharat to burn one more..burning burning…

    To be continued..

  2. Episode 2

    Cycle ride to daffodils..
    I find Haris sitting on the thing made with bricks and cement there and we embark on our journey to daffodils together…obviously, it is closed…what did you expect…?come on! When would anything go right with me?

    Cycle ride back to my hostel..
    After much thought, we decide to put our project online, in, go to UVS, download it there and print them..obviously, this solves everything…!!so we go back to our hostel, almost putting haris into a puddle,or putting the puddle on him…(i with my evil glee pasted on my face..)…we reach there, decide to help the UVS old man out and takes ubuntu with us to help him overcome the virus issue…burned the discs and we were off after putting our docs online..

    Cycle ride over to UVS..
    Arriving there, we got straight into printing it out and stuff…printed out abstract and found out the hard way, it was way to expensive for our entire report, after ruining a couple of prints and printing out both our abstracts…

    Cycle ride to Forever and Ever
    Called pretty to ask for any other place in her knowledge other than the 3 we have already been to…:) i was informed of forever and ever…we rush over there…and catch the owner just leaving to Palakkad…he seemed very reluctant to accept the flash drives and also to open the shutter and abandon his free ride to Palakkad for lunch…it was 2:30 by now…well thats out of the window too..

    We ride back to Roja and called Jinu on the update on any progress…we get a Black Hawk Down from there…and another after calling Ponnappan because their mission has to be abandoned on having nothing to fight with..:)…all their guns were on its way o Nenmara..

    To be continued..

  3. Episode 3

    now its time to make the most important decision go to railway colony…of-course “why not?”…lets have a go..we cycle all the way to railway colony in search of a cheap print out place..we go through 3 and finally Haris goes into Bamboo cafe…now, that is one nice place…we got print outs for a net total of 90 instead of the 270+ (may be a bit exaggerated :) otherwise it wouldnt get the same erm…PUNCH!! :P )…

    oh and i was on a secondary mission by the way, you remember the dvd i burned,i cad to courier it home…my cousin was in desperate need…his Ubuntu crashed and being a novice,he could not do YES i found a courier place…YES he was open..YES he hadnt send the daily batch yet…what was missing?something had to go wrong didnt it? :)

    well, he didnt have a courier cover..nothing to send a courier in..:) this was in colony…we leave back to college with our printouts…oh wait…the incident at A2Z Super Market…i told our dear old Haris to buy a couple of files…he took a couple from the shelf and holding them,he stood in the loooong eternal queue…with a look on the face that said a little more than “i hate you..” :) so i go in, find the other cashier with no billing paper…her printer was dead…so i ask her to accept my humble offerings and let us go with the files…for the first time that day, something happened for the goo on the first go…!:)

    just to make us feel real bad, at 3.50 we passed by Forever and Ever on our way back to college…guess what? ITS OPEN!!!!
    3.55 we reach the turning to Roja…4 we reach college…YES…Mr. Anuraj had left for home… :)

    Haris rings him up…our man mentions that we will get it there….i get the general idea where it is and finalize it to be near Rhithwik’s old home..we cycle by Daffodils and guess what? YES!!

    We take a shortcut through my previous houses and reach Akathethara…cycle further to the down hill run…maaan…wasn’t it fun…letting the cycle go…with no cars or bikes on the road to ruin your fun…it was amazing…didnt cycle till the short hill up the road to turn to Anuraj sir’s home..that was about half a km away…

    Tobe continued..

    PS: i had fun…cant say the same about Haris though

  4. Fun or no fun, I remember each and every second of that joyride bub!

  5. Episode 4: Conclude

    after giving Anuraj sir his most sought after project report, i took Haris down to Hemamabika gate..lets have coffee and something…easy when you are dead broke :)

    things seemed to take a turn for the best..i found a courier place with courier bags and what not…couriered it…he runs a peaceful win7 now..we ride back home, my legs failing beneath me…i leave Haris at the turn to daffodils…and i lay on my screwed up folding bed as though i achieved something great…i did perhaps…time shall tell…as it has healed..

    It was good fun..:) someday, i can return back here and read through and laugh at how painful the ride was for Haris..

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