A small step for me and a giant leap into linux.

Had my mind fixated at using Linux for some time. Whats better than asking opinions from close friends who use it.. So i did…i always liked fedora. but my dear friend Haris, whom i seemed to take advice from managed to convince me to install Ubuntu.. and also to install it in its own partition…

Here my adventure starts..

Day 1

Step 1: Creating a partition.

Windows lets you create partitions easily with disk manager..its quite simple couple of click, few minutes of waiting and its done.. alright…i took my check list..

√   Burn Ubuntu on to a DVD.

√   Have a formatted partition ready for installation.

√   Restart the system and boot from disc.

The partition was made on my secondary partition where my not so important data were stored. so ready and well i rebooted

Step 2: Burning new DVD.

After a few minutes of waiting, Ubuntu boots and soon says

Cannot read disk, damaged sector 16

Cannot read disk, damaged sector 125480000512

Cannot read disk, damaged sector 125480000513

Cannot read disk, damaged sector 125480000514

and so it went…restarted, boot windows 7, burn new disk, wait 10 mins for that…

restart…boot from DVD…error free loading….Ubuntu screen….


• • • • • •

and stuck…restart….boot from disk again….get error…

Cannot read disk, damaged sector 16

Cannot read disk, damaged sector 125480000512

Cannot read disk, damaged sector 125480000513

Cannot read disk, damaged sector 125480000514

reboot again for lack of patience…boot from disk…get error free loading…

Ubuntu install screen!!!woo hoodoo!!

Step 3: Screwing up your new partition.

Messaged Haris for asking about the installation procedure..he erm…never mind…ill save it for later..

so Ubuntu asks me where to install..i was about to tell it E:/ my new partition. guess what? my entire secondary partition is one block. no new partition..messaged Haris again..stupid mo*@#….ahem!!

run live Ubuntu to search for install procedures.find nothing…reboot and load windows thinking i dint do it right..

open explorer and found that my not so important drive D:/ is RAW!!! RAW!!! no recovering anything in it…this seemingly not so important drive had all my backups… my 9th standard website, dad’s documents what not…and you wouldn’t realize this until you find no way to get the data back again..

so that’s 38GB of data kaput!!

Step 4: Controlling you temper at Haris and asking him again about the installation.

reboot and boot from DVD..install Ubuntu…now, here i asked our dear friend and Ubuntu user,Haris for help…

here are his responses…

1. Nope..

2. That’s the classic way of doing it..

3. Keep at it..

4. Nice..

6. No idea..

7. Now you’re scaring me..

8. Just install it and be done with it dude..

9. I’m logging off…

and that blithering idiot of a friend switched off the phone!!

and he lectures on about friendship and crap…!!!

well finally installed it into D:/ formatting it into ext 4 format.. which my good friend dint bother telling is not recognized by windows…any way i thought that was done with..

installed..open it, see desktop, shut it down and sleep by around 1.00 am..

Day 2

Step 1: Make mental note to kill Haris for his abandoning the ship and not telling it was about to sink.

cut class in hope of getting some shut eye…reach home and turn on your system…happy to see that your boot screen now shows 2 Ubuntu and a windows loader.

select windows…start it normally and half way through loading, you get the Blue Screen Of Death and your system shuts down…put in your windows recovery disk and boot…yeah that always works…

turn on, select windows…start recovery…etc etc….and BSOD….death…

Step 2: Scream out for Sharat

surrender your laptop at tech gurus feet and lie on his bed… while he keeps telling you the damage…

“you MBR is screwed…windows doesn’t know its installed..windows wont touch the MBR ’cause Ubuntu has changed it…and Ubuntu wont boot windows just ’cause it does like it..”

so whats happened?

“your entire C:/ is inaccessible..”

amazing…make mental note to buy a shot gun and scribe Haris’s name on each bullet..

what do?

“let me try booting again with windows recovery flash drive…”

cool…moments later…

“you C:/ drive has become logical, so is your boot sector, so is your recovery partition”

so will be Haris..!!

“let me find hex hack for Ubuntu…”

half an hour later…

“found it…50-50 chance of saving your C:/ drive”

of-course…yes or no choose!!

“gonna hex hack your c drive and set it primary…don’t kill me if it’s screwed up”

obviously…I’ve other people to kill on my mind..

Step 3: Thank the Guru

yeah..it worked…lucky git…he escape-th…thank sharat and take back your newly fixed system

step 4: Format you D:/ again to make it useable..

took me an hour and half to format…maaan…was painful..

This was my giant leap hoping a back stabbing logging off friend has you back!!

All’s well ends well and he lives to help me out another day…


About Manu Mohan

Just another 20yr old...With a screwed up college life and feels hes doesn't fit in..:)

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  1. Ah! There you rest in remorse I see. Anyway, you’re gonna have lots more fun now that you’ve decided to be in my team for the main project. Buckle up and let’s get started.

  2. And even though you yourself broke the battery case of your beanie, considering your life is in shambles now, I’ll take the blame.

  3. man ur best blog to date :)

    PS: u forgot the start and stop, still can’t write an algorithm properly, can you? :p

  4. super like …:)

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