Copy Cat (or is he?)

My first week end here at word press… And there is already an imbecile trying to copy all the things i would like to blog about.. first why is he blogging on it if he asked me to blog on it? then well i was going to blog on the same thing…but since it was on the same day as the frontbenchers-action-day, i preferred not to as i dint want to use er…lets say strong words against my fellow frontbenchers..

Being in the front benches doesn’t mean that i am a teachers’ pet or I’m studious or even that i write a heck load of notes..I’m quite the opposite..Its quite convenient there.. teachers don’t notice you that well as they walk through, between the untidy rows of benches.. they are busy keeping the backbenchers in line… :) its been quite a ride being there in the front bench.. guys there are quite isolated from the rest of the crew on board.. at least most of them.. most are invisible men..others are wolverine,beard-fixers(fixes beards,sideburns,mustaches,eyebrows the whole lot on celebs on the cover of the notebooks),nod-ers…well you get the point..these traits i think wont be found the backbenchers.. i assume you might think that all up front are just a bunch of selfish nutters crazy about the lectures and craving to be noticed by the teacher……………… well not really…(at this point I’ve typed ‘all of them’ twice and deleted it..)ALL OF THEM!!!(got myself to do it!! :) ) well,at least most of them are willing to help you out may be not in sticky situations but generally everything else…. :) (im going to stop now…) im sitting there cause i like it there this copy cat sits next to me..its fun to talk to him cause i haven’t yet figured him out completely yet..there is that veil of mysterious black thick smoke that clears out to reveal a bit of his character every now and then.. :)

Back to the guy who copied my intellectual properties…!!i dont dink i showed justice to his beard if i called him a cat…lets change it…

Haris the copy-ram!! :)


About Manu Mohan

Just another 20yr old...With a screwed up college life and feels hes doesn't fit in..:)

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  1. harisibrahimkv

    Full-stop, full-stop, full-stop…. holy Crap!!! Why the ##$@*# can’t I find a full stop somewhere???

    And this is getting personal bub!!! Or rather, since no one else seems to bother about what goes on here, we’ll just bother about it ourselves. :D

    But unlike some people I know who can go on and on with a sentence without using a full-stop or a comma trying to convey some useless meaning but failing miserably at it and ending up confusing each and every single person on God’s Green Earth by driving them to the verge of insanity and trying to find comfort in the fact that he is good at doing that, I’m not good at that. :D :D

    So your copy-ram is going to have something to tell your wise processor when the buses are connected.
    (That was a really bad one huh?)

    Cheers pharoah!!! May you rest in bed!

  2. both of u are pretty good bloggers, i want some lessons, when can i get them ??? :)

    • :) what ever comes to your mind..sit on your chair,relax,and think about the day..something or the other will pop up in your mind…like varun’s view on something,or sriram’s all powerful hair,your encounter with the HOD etc… one thing will lead to another and you will end up with a pretty long blog…:)

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